Zeus 1000

Greek mythology lists a pantheon of Gods and Goddesses. They run different things like rain, thunder, lightning, etc. Zeus is the King of all these Greek Gods. Understandably, casino slot games couldn’t have asked for a better protagonist. We have already seen Zeus and Zeus III from WMS Gaming. Now they bring you the next in the series, called Zeus 1000. This game has 2 sets of reels instead of the usual 1. The main set has 5 reels as usual and is a 5x4 arrangement. The second one has a broader scope. It is a long 5x12 reel set towards the right of the screen. The 2 sets of reels of Zeus 1000 by WMS use the Colossal Reels engine. The game enjoys medium to high variance.


Zeus 1000 – RTP and Maximum Win

Between the 2 reel sets, you get 100 paylines in this game. 25 of them are allocated to the smaller reel set, while the larger one on the right has 75 paylines. You start off with 50p bets per spin, but as you grow in confidence, the bet size can grow quickly. You can make a maximum bet of £250, which is a pretty substantial amount. During the game, you stand to win wilds and free spins and also jumping symbols (from one reel to another). The maximum return on getting Bonus symbols is 25x, which is one of the higher payouts. Although there are no huge bonus rounds, the game offers a surprisingly high RTP of 96%.

Zeus 1000 Symbols

The list of symbols in Zeus 1000 does not contain any surprises. The name itself suggests that the game would be populated mostly by icons of Greek mythology and history. But before, there are some standard low-value symbols to bring up the numbers as well. Expectedly, the card faces make up the list of low-value symbols. This list comprises of Ace, King, Queen, and Jack.

Some of the more valuable symbols which provide better returns are as follows:

  • Zeus – King of Gods
  • Pegasus – Winged Horse
  • Platinum throne
  • Chariot
  • Helmet
  • Vase

A little bit about the background image you will see on the screen while playing. Mount Olympus was said to be the home of all the Greek Gods, so naturally, Zeus too would be at home here. A towering picture of Mount Olympus forms the background for the smaller 5x4 set as well as the ‘Colossal’ 5x12 set.

A glowing view of Olympus forms one of the important symbols of the game. It acts as the Wild symbol for Zeus 1000. The Wild appears only on the smaller reel set. In case you get a full stack of Wilds there, it automatically gets transferred to the larger set. The corresponding reel of the colossal set would get filled up with Wilds there.

The lighting symbol is the bonus symbol for Zeus 1000. It appears on both the smaller and the larger reels. It can be seen only on the first, third, and fifth reels of both sets. But on the colossal (larger) set it also becomes a Wild symbol.

Zeus 1000 Bonus

The bonus symbol depicted by the image of the lightning bolt is the trigger for the bonus round in Zeus 1000. Whenever you get three or more bonus symbols, the free spins and extra wins get triggered. These bonus symbols can land on positions 1, 3, and 5 of both sets of reels. The maximum possible, therefore, is six. This brings in the maximum rewards, but the rewards begin from three bonus symbols onwards.

Here is a short list of what you stand to gain in each case:

  1. 3 bonus symbols – 10 free spins and 2x rewards
  2. 4 bonus symbols – 15 free spins and 10x rewards
  3. 5 bonus symbols – 20 free spins and 20x rewards
  4. 6 bonus symbols – 30 free spins and 25x rewards

This is not all, though. While the free spins feature is on, there are more rewards possible. If you can get 4 Zeus symbols on the smaller reel set, then whatever Zeus symbols you have on the colossal set would be worth 1000 extra only for that spin. When these rounds are on, you are assured of a minimum win of ten times your bet amount.


Our review team spends the whole week looking for new and old slot games they have not seen or played earlier. Then they spend hours playing it over and over again with all possible variations. They continue to jot down the salient features as they do this. So it is not all fun and games, as you might imagine. In fact, most of the reviewers would say ‘Been there, done that’ with a bored expression when you mention a new game. But once in a while, a game comes along which raises eyebrows because of some novelty they have. The two sets of reels of Zeus 1000 is one such feature. It makes Zeus a must-play game by all means.