Wild Toro

Cartoons have been our best friends since our childhood. No matter how old we get, the heartiest connections with those animated figures will never die. Bringing to you a bit of that is Elk Studio’s, Wild Toro.

An amazing slot game consisting of a total of 5 reels and 4 rows along with good 178 winning combinations awaits your presence. You can win a good amount of money with their drool-worthy bonus features.

If you have been a fan of Taco Brothers, the game, you are going to go crazy with the design of this game in person. The game features the nasty son of Captain Diaz whose name is Diaz Jr. Enjoy his entertaining fights with the bulls of Wild Toro and reveal the most unexpected features of the game.

Play Wild Toro online

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Wild Toro Symbols

Wild Toro is a Spanish themed game which can be easily figured by the bulls involved in the game. The bullfight theme and design will instantly give you an impression of Spain’s main attraction.

The game includes symbols related to the theme of course. You’ll find some beautiful red roses, daggers pierced inside the oranges, the special Spanish hand fans, gold coins, silver coins, bronze coins, the matador son Diaz Jr., and the Wild Toro itself. All of these symbols make the game extremely attractive and entertaining to play.

Upon entering the game, you’ll be welcomed with the game name which sinks in eventually and the backdrop comes into the focus. The background of the game is themed upon a small Spanish town with small pink houses and beautifully decorated windows. You can spot tiny lanterns, buntings, smoking chimneys, rushing clouds, and little flags, all on this breathtaking backdrop.

The reels where you’ll play the game are dark in color and hence the colors of the symbols pop up with such attraction that it’ll leave you awe-struck.


Wild Toro Bonus

Adding to the amazing outlook of the game are the three extremely attractive bonus features which will help you run back to the game again and again. These features will help you multiply your winnings and giving you beneficial outputs. Details of all the three bonuses are mentioned below:

  • Walking Wild: The first feature is known as the Toro Walking Wild Bonus feature. It gets activated the moment a symbol carrying the bull lands up on the fifth reel of the game. When this happens, Toro starts to shift towards the left hopping from reel to reel. During these moves, you keep getting a free spin for the next move. This continues unless the bull reaches down to the first reel of the screen. Once the bull reaches the destination, your total score won will be calculated.
  • Goes Wild: Apart from the walking wild is the goes wild feature bonus which is known as Toro Goes Wild bonus feature. This feature is linked with the previous one. As the bull is walking in the above feature, if the Matador lands up somewhere on the reels, the bull goes crazy and starts chasing Diaz Jr. in the reels. As the bull chases him, wherever it moves it turns all the symbols into the wild symbol and hence keeps adding to your winnings. This continues unless the sneaky matador is defeated and is no more visible on the reels.
  • Matador Respin: As the name suggests, it is a feature involving some free spins. The bonus is known as the Matador Respin Challenge. The feature gets triggered after at least three Diaz Jr. symbols fall upon the reels at the same time. All the three of these symbols will then turn down to sticky symbols and you’ll instantly unlock three free spins to enjoy. Each symbol of the matador holds one free spin for the player. You can continue to enjoy the respins till you have the matador symbol remaining on the reels. But, in case the bull appears on the reels, the feature will no longer remain activated.


Wild Toro is thus a slot offering interesting gameplay and something other than the cliché slot games. It involves entertaining features and undoubtedly exciting bonuses as well. The graphics and sound system of the game add to its overall conduct and hence makes it a very favorable slot game for the players.