Wild Play Superbet

Wild Play Superbet Video slot showcases the old school roots of the developers NextGen Gaming who have been around since the 1990s. This slot is a fruit slot machine, taking the players back to where it all began. But actually, the feel and design of the slot machine are not as retro as the theme suggests. The symbols and images are nothing special or unique but that does not mean they are not attractive.

In fact, the slot has a surprisingly modern outlook but it is simple and relates to the classic theme of a fruit slot machine. The interface is soft and streamlined making the placement of bets really convenient. The straightforward design actually works positively for NextGen Gaming.


Wild Play Superbet - RTP and Maximum Win

Wild Play Superbet is a high-quality video slot with an amazing RTP of 95.66%. But with wilds and scatter it can go up to 97.46% for some lucky punters. It is a traditional 5-reel slot with 40 paylines. When you are on a winning streak, the multipliers can go from 5x to a maximum of 30x. the maximum coin value that you can bet is $0.50 which makes your bet a high of $150.


Wild Play Superbet Symbols

The video slot is visually quite appealing. The color combination is soothing and the symbols on the reel also complement each other’s colors quite nicely. There are 7 paying symbols in the game out of which maximum are obviously fruit symbols.

  • Low Paying Symbols: You will see glistening red cut watermelon, ripe red cherries, and bright green lime. Like any other fruit slot, these fruit symbols carry the lowest value. These 3 fruits are the basic symbols of the game. And from these, the lime and cherry symbols give equal payouts.

Both of these fruits give 3 credits for 3 hits on the reels, 5 credits for 4 hits and for 5 hits of a kind, they give 40 credits. The melon, on the other hand, pays 4 credits for 3 hits and a maximum of 50 credits for 5 hits of a kind.

  • High Paying Symbols: The high paying symbols are the dark red bell, a blue diamond, and a green diamond. The red bell can give a minimum of 5 credits and a maximum of 100 credits. But the diamonds, both green and blue, can give a maximum of 150 credits.
  • The Wild: Of course, then there are Wild and Scatter symbols. The wild symbol is very easy to spot. You will see the word ‘Wild’ on the reels.
  • Scatter: There is also a diamond symbol with Bonus written on it which serves as the scatter symbol.
  • Bonus Symbol: Last but not least, all limits break loose when you see the flaming 7 on your reels. The flaming 7 is the highest paying symbol of the game and can give a gigantic 500 credits for 5 of a kind on the reels.


Wild Play Superbet Bonus

There are high paying bonus rounds in the video slot but just like its concept, it is nothing new. These features have been seen before in other games in a slightly different version. But that does not take away the fun of winning. The 2 bonus rounds featured in the Wild Play Superbet video slot by NextGen Gaming are:

  1. Super Bet: Wild Play Superbet would be incomplete without the Super Bet. It says so in the name itself. The purpose of this game is to play the Super Bet. On the left of the reels, you will see a Super Bet symbol with controls of x2, x3, x4, and x5. These bet values work with a wild symbol. There are 5 levels and corresponding 5 wins:
  • Default is 1x which multiplies the wild wins by 1x.
  • 2x will multiply the wild wins by 2x.
  • 3x will multiply the wild wins by 3x.
  • 4x will multiply the wild wins by 4x.
  • 5x will multiply the wild wins by 5x.

Thus, if you get 3 wilds of 5x in a win, with the multipliers adding together, you get a 15x multiplier on your bet. Thus this bonus round increases your winning potential exponentially.

  1. Free Spins: Free spins are nothing new. When you land 3 scatter symbols anywhere on reels 2, 3 and 4, you get 10 free spins. Not just that, all the multiplier values are doubled during this round. Thus if you are on highest Super Bet, you can get 10x multiplier on your wins.



The overall experience of the slot is very simple fun. The developers don’t go overboard with the retro feel. All the necessary information is right there on the screen. And it has very good RTP. All things considered, this online slot is a real cracker.