Wild Jack

Whether in comics or movies, the Wild West has been the stuff of so many fantasies. It is not difficult to imagine the swagger of the cowboy and the stern look of the sheriff. The same landscape has been brought to life by the casino slot software developer BeeFee in Wild Jack. The screen for playing is a regular 3x3 matrix grid, and you have 27 paylines available. The background music is the lilting sound of men calling out to each other! The animations are unique too. You have to watch closely to see how BeeFee has woven those animations into the storyboard. You can play for medium volatility in this slot game, which has both its merits and demerits. But on the whole, there are enough avenues to win. Let us see how.


Wild Jack – RTP and Maximum Win

The minimum bet of Wild Jack is like most other games. You begin by paying a minimum of 0.10 credits per spin. But the maximum bet would have the big rolling players disappointed. You can bet a maximum of 50 credits per spin. Again, the maximum win in the base game is even more disappointing. You stand to win just 20 times of your bet amount. You can bet we have seen much bigger. The bigger wins are reserved for the special rounds, which we shall come to in a moment. You can expect an average return to player (RTP) of 96.12%. Like some of the other features, this didn’t seem to be the best in class. Let us dig a little further to see what goodies we can find.


Wild Jack Deluxe Symbols

The background of the game screen sets the tone for the game. You see a hot, deserted street with a saloon and a bank. That is why all the symbols are in tune with that Wild West theme.

These are some of the symbols of Wild Jack:

  • Horseshoes
  • Golden Bells
  • Revolver
  • Sheriff Star
  • Cherries
  • Watermelons
  • Grapes
  • Oranges

The bandit after whom this game is named is Wild Jack. The symbol for this outlaw acts as the Wild symbol for this game. The Wild symbol appears randomly on the reel. What this means is that it can be used in place of any other regular symbol to form a straight combination of three identical symbols. The only symbol it can’t replace is the Scatter, which we will come to shortly. The Wild symbol also is the redeeming feature of this otherwise low paying game. It provides a return of 50 times the bet amount when it is part of a Win.

The stagecoach is a very familiar element of any Wild West story. It used to help transport people and things across those hot deserts to the next town. In this game, the coach symbol acts as the Scatter. It is the only one which can’t be replaced by the Wild. The Scatter symbol acts as the trigger for the free spins feature. When you land 3 Scatters adjacent to each other on any spin, you immediately win 15 free spins. These free spin rounds get played with an active triple win multiplier. If the Scatter appears again in a set of 3 during any of the free spins, the 15 free spins get triggered again.


Wild Jack Deluxe Bonus

If you have read so far, you would have made out that there is not too much to enthuse a serious player. We eagerly waited to see what the bonus round outside the free spins was. The answer – disappointment again! There is no big ticket bonus awaiting you there. All you get is an optional bonus game whenever you score a win. Remember, this option is not available if you are playing on Autoplay. When you opt to play the bonus round, you are given a choice between red or black colors of a hidden card. You have to guess the color of the card correctly to double the amount you had just won. In case your guess is wrong, you lose everything you had just won. Like the rest of game features, this one too is a little too tame for our liking, even for a mini-game like Wild Jack.



Overall, we would stay at 50-50 on the Wild Jack when it comes to a recommendation. The detailed imagery of the Wild West and the fun symbols with animation wowed us. But at the end of the day, a player comes to a slot hoping to win some money the old-fashioned way. This game gives too little chances by way of wins, and they are too few and far between. We have seen much better offerings from BeeFee, and this one promised much, but failed to deliver. In case someone is new to casino slots and wants to get the hang of things, only then would we recommend Wild Jack.