Voodo Gold

ELK Studios has managed to create a character that stuck with the casino world successfully. Very few game providers are able to create a theme-based game with a backstory and make it popular too. With third in the Kane series, VooDoo Gold is all about the adventures of Kane in the deep, mangrove swamps of Louisiana. Here, this time Kane is in the VooDoo country where things become unusual in an instant. He is chasing the legend of VooDoo Gold.

Having a strong backstory is good but that is not what attracts the players to a game. A game becomes popular only if it can match the strong backstory. Does VooDoo Gold satisfy the expectations? Find out here.


VooDoo Gold – RTP and maximum win

The betting range of the game is like any other. The smallest bet you can make is of $0.20 and the biggest is of $100. However, this betting range is not a major item in the game where you get 262,144 ways to win on a good day. The game starts with 6 reels and 4 rows which can offer up to 4096 winning combinations. Once you land the winning combination, the symbols explode giving way to other symbols to make another winning combo. This starts a chain reaction of wins.

The game has an RTP of 96.1% and the maximum win is 5000x your stake amount. You can set from the four betting strategies available in the slot.


VooDoo Gold Symbols

The surroundings of the reels are quite scary and creepy. On both sides are Mangrove trees and there is a wooden house that on stilts that keeps peeking from above the reels. Set in eerie green color, the backdrop is very disturbing. The cascading reels have 12 symbols in the base game. Additionally, they all fit right in the voodoo theme. The lowest paying symbols are traditional religious symbols like goat, cross, heart, and star which are worth 0.05x to 0.2x the stake. The medium paying symbols are a top hat, dice, moonshine bottle and crows foot which are worth 0.2x to 0.6x the stake. While the high paying symbols are a shaman, creepy native Indian, skull and Kane that are worth 0.5x to 2.5x the bet amount.


VooDoo Gold Bonus

The game offers a lot of extras along with a huge bonus feature. The voodoo doll acts as a wild symbol and replaces all the other symbols on the reel except the bonus symbol.

  • Avalanche Feature: Even the base game uses the avalanche feature. When you begin playing the slot, immediately after getting a winning combo, the symbols explode and make way for other symbols to fall in that place. Every avalanche then adds an extra row on the reels. With each added row, the number of ways to win the game increases too.
  • 4 rows: 4095 ways
  • 5 rows: 15625 ways
  • 6 rows: 46656 ways
  • 7 rows: 1,17, 649 ways
  • 8 rows: 2,62,144 ways
  • Big symbols: The game also has the feature of big voodoo symbols. These symbols can appear in any size – 1x2, 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4. These green voodoo symbols fill all the blank spaces below the wild symbol. When these reach the bottom, they become active and create winning combinations.
  • The Bomb: The bonus symbol can appear on the reel during any spin. When one bonus symbol appears, the Bomb feature is activated. Here, all the active symbols around the bonus symbol in the shape of a diamond explode and new symbols take their place. It also adds a row on the top.
  • Dual Bonus: When you land 2 bonus symbols on the reels, this feature is activated. When two bonus symbols land on the screen, all the symbols between them except big symbols and wild are exploded and new symbols replace them. Not just that, all active instances of the touched symbols also explode. After that, if you land one more bonus symbol, the main bonus feature is activated.
  • Free Drops Bonus Game: If there are 3 or more bonus symbols on the reels then you get free drops. 3 symbols award 6 free spins, 4 symbols award 9 free spins, 5 symbols award 12 free spins while 6 bonus symbols award 15 free spins. All the wild symbols that did not make you win will become sticky wilds during the free spins. Plus, every winning combination will add a row. Another round of free spins can also be triggered from the spins, which can reward you with 30 free spins.



VooDoo Gold may be the third in the series but it’s the best. Of course, the bonus round does not show up as often as its successors. The chances have gone up to once in 614 spins. But when it does come, it gives a lot of wins. The sad southern music and creepy graphics also add to the effect of the name.