Bringing back to you the iconic TV series characters and theme of Vikings, NetEnt’s slot game will remind you of every bit of the amazing experience you had while watching the show. Capable of being played on any of the devices, the game has been gaining a lot of appreciation and positivity from its players.

There are multiple exciting features that the game offers which you will come across further in the review. The game has 5 to 7 number of playable reels. They together form a total of 243, 75 & 125 winning combinations which are a lot to bring up your chances of landing up with one. The game is really attractive yet easy to understand and play, hence is a popular online slot game.


Play Vikings online

It’s usually quite difficult to trust and choose an online website for playing gambling related games as money is involved. Thus, in order to ensure you are secure while playing, a reputed online casino is necessary. bCasino is one such UK-based casino which has been winning over the trust of the players with their honest gameplay and determined rules and regulations. There is a wide variety of games catering to the needs of all kinds of players. You can fearlessly play Vikings on the website with the best graphics quality and easily understandable interface.


Vikings Symbols

The graphics and design of the game are undoubtedly amazing. The name of the game speaks all about it and what symbols it might be using in it. You are guessing it right. Some of your favorite characters from the series are going to be the symbols of your reels on the gaming screen.

The backdrop of the game is of the beautiful night view of Norwegian fields along with a crow and a few weapons. You will also come across the card figures starting from the Ace along will all the face cards plus numerical 10. In other words, Ace, Kings, Queen, Jack, and 10, all of these card symbols are also there on the reels.

Amongst the favorite characters of the show, the ones available in the game as symbols giving you winnings are Floki of course, then Lagertha is also there, and the name you’ve definitely been waiting for, Ragnar Lothbrok. All of these outstanding show characters can be encountered while playing the game.

Nevertheless, the symbol that will give you the maximum rewards is the V symbol standing for Vikings. It gives you a total of 7x of the stake for 7 in a payline. All of these amazing symbols together bring out the reason for the popularity of the game.


Vikings Bonus

The game has three main exciting features giving you impressive payouts to enjoy the game. All the three are mentioned below:

  • Hotspot:

This particular feature triggers when any of the four fully loaded main characters of the game fall on to the hotspot present on the third reel of the game. When this happens, the rest of the Viking symbols will turn onto the one that landed into the hotspot. This will increase your winnings enormously as it acts like a scatter symbol.

  • Shield Wall:

This feature triggers either in the spins of the base game or while playing the raid spins game feature which will be explained ahead. It comes into action randomly where somewhere on the reels, groups of a few mystery symbols will form and transform themselves into a symbol from the game which will help you extract a nice win.

  • Raid Spins:

This is the most promising feature as it gives out the maximum possible payout in the game. In order to bring the feature into action, you have to have a total of 3 symbols representing the raid feature on o the reels of the game.

You’ll get to play with 7 spins of the raid where the plus point will be that instead of 1 on reel 3, there’ll be hotspots on reel 3, 4, and 5 too, which makes it a total of 3 hotspots. Any of the character symbols landing on the hotspot means that you will get trigger the regular hotspot feature very frequently and a number of times. The chances of landing either Floki, Lagertha or Ragnar Lothbrok on any of the three hotspots increases to a remarkable limit. This will give you unbelievable winnings in your game undoubtedly making it all the way more exciting and attracting for the players.



The graphics of the game are immensely amazing and does every ounce of justice to the original series hence maintaining the favoritism of the show in the game as well. It also offers decent payouts which are better and more impressive than any other game usually known online. It is hence a recommendable game and will indeed become your favorite in no time if you are a Vikings fan.