Viking Gods: Thor & Loki

Viking Gods: Thor & Loki is a slot game superbly designed by Playson. This game is created in the backdrop of the God of Hammers and the God of Mischief, Thor and Loki. These two kings emerge from the Norse-themed mythology. This game gets terrific points for its innovative theme selection and near-perfect execution.
This game entertains 5 reels along with 15 paylines. It offers several features that surround the great Thor and Loki. These bonus features get triggered automatically throughout the game. This game also houses wild plays along with free spins that can be expanded as well. The game is compatible with all of your devices and operating software. Players can start with this from anywhere around 30p to £105 per spin.

The Vikings settlement as a backdrop of this game really adds value. As you read along you will identify if this game is worth playing.

Viking Gods: Thor and Loki Symbols

The styling done on the theatrical reveals of Viking Gods: Thor & Loki is surreal. The backdrop of this game is adorned by a Viking settlement with wintry vibes.

The symbols used in this slot game include Viking jewellery, lower valued stones, and varied colors of these jewellery. There are crystals present in this game as well. Every crystal gives you a chance to up your wager by 16x.

Every symbol has its own importance which you should know. For instance, in case you get a full stack of Wild symbols upon the 3rd reel, you will acquire the feature of Viking Gods.

You can even trigger free spins with a Thor or a Loki bonus which will give you 10 extra spins. In case you get the Thor feature you will get closer to the mega world serpent wild. While every blue symbol increases your progress bar, the new level of progress bar will increase the Clossal Wild. With every new level, you will get additional spins.


Viking Gods: Thor and Loki Bonus

There are some other great bonuses that players should know about. Read the following:

  • Viking Gods: This feature is triggered whenever either the characters of Loki or Thor appear in the middle of the reel. In case you land one symbol, there will be two more wilds on the 1st If you land 2 bonus symbols, then you attain 4 more wilds anywhere on the reels. If you land a completely stacked reel of either 3 Loki or 3 Thor, then you get free spins.
  • Thor Free Spins: Thor spin feature allows its players to get 10 free spins. To trigger this feature be on the lookout for a special serpent which represents a wild symbol. All you have to do is to collect crystal symbols of blue colors to uncover new levels and get new spins.
  • Loki Free Spins: This spin feature is much like that of Thor’s. You attain 10 free spins by triggering this feature. In this, you need to understand that the wild symbols of wolf remain intact unless they are combined in the winning combination.

Another pro tip is that you should gather pink crystals in order to unlock further levels. When you arrive at the 2nd level, then the word wilds become sticky for the next two locks. When you reach the 3rd level, you will witness that there are 2 sticky wilds for their respective locks. Upon reaching level 4, you will be able to attain two sticky wilds for a total of 3 locks. This goes on as levels progress. And as you progress through these levels you get extra free spins for unlocking of levels.

Some other ways to trigger achievements are Land a 5x winning combo for a total of 30 times, attaining a multiplier which is 30x times more than your stake, and getting a free spin feature for a total 15 times.



We personally loved this game because of its terrific imagery and an amazing soundtrack to accompany the gameplay. The game gets an epic feel thanks to its majestic backdrop and vibe. Playson has created a great game. It has good specs, delightful features, and interesting gameplay. We will give this a good 9.5/10. This game is simply too majestic to pass by. So what are you waiting? Jump right in the world of Odinson.