Venice Magic

Venice is a serene and beautiful Italian city with picturesque views. The whole city is connected with waterways. This city is beautifully represented by NextGen Gaming and Side City Studios in their Venice Magic slot game.

Venice Magic is a video slot online game which has romantic views and befitting symbols.

The slot comes with 5 reels along with 25 paylines. The entire slot bears resemblance to the actual city of Italy. The slot is a delight to the eyes and its soundtrack will bless your ears. The backdrop of this game is bejeweled with the majestic the canals of Venice bordered with the olden and ornate buildings. The game isn’t only good looking but also has beneficial bonuses for the players to explore.


Venice Magic – RTP and Maximum Win

Venice Magic is a very appealing slot that has some really interesting graphics and a lot of attention has been given to the details. The slot game is also very attractive because of its in-house features like the free spins and wilds.

The variance of Venice Magic varies from levels medium to high variance. Players can bet their wages in the game with an amount of 25p. However, the ones looking for thicker payouts can bet it at the highest wager of £50 per spin.

The total coins in the game are 25 coins per round. The players, if lucky, can get a multiplier as high as 10x times more than their wager. The jackpot in this game will avail the players a price of 400 coins. The RTP of this game is also nicely placed at 96.18%. This rate is really good.

Venice Magic Symbols

Venice Magic has brought along it charms of Italy and all the Italian quirks we all adore. The symbols too blend beautifully with the courtesies of Italy.
The symbols of the game range from being low value to being very high value. The high values symbols are joined by a golden statue, a fan, a red mask, and a brooch. The other symbols in this category are all masked up characters.
The lower value categories of the symbols in this game are card symbols - A, J, Q, and K along with numerical 10 and 9.

Two very important symbols in this game are the single position Joker which is the wild symbol and the Tower wild.

The slot Venice Magic can be played on your smartphones, as well as on laptops, PCs, and tablets. You can even enjoy this game at Android and iOS devices.


Venice Magic Bonus

Venice Magic has a plethora of bonuses which show exactly why the RTP of this game is so good. Read about them here:

  • Tower Wilds: Venice Magic has a base game like every slot has. This base game action gives all the wilds. There are two sets of wilds which the players can receive from this stage. These wilds can be triggered at any time during the spins running on the base game. If at this time, the Tower Wilds are activated, then the 1st or the 2nd reel will get completely stacked with wilds for the spin.
  • Joker Wild: The second type of wild mentioned above which can be activated at any time is the Joker Wild. The Joker Wilds upon activation may appear 4 times upon all the spin that will follow. If the joker wild becomes part of any winning combo then you can expect a boost.
    Upon this, in case the players land a multiplier of 2x and then again hit a joker win then, he/she can expect a payout boost of 4x. If the multiplier hits at 3x, then it will become a 6x multiplier. At a hit of 5x the joker wins will give out a whopping multiplier of 10x.
  • Zodiac Wheels: The Zodiac Wheels is the most celebrated and loved feature of this game. To trigger this interesting feature, players have to wait for the symbol of Zodiac Wheels to land on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th reel upon the same spin. At this, you would be given the opportunity to spin a 3-level wheel. Here, you can avail free spins from 5 to 15 in number. When the next wheel appears, you will be winning multipliers from 2x, 3x to 5x. These multipliers will get used up at every consequent winning spin. The final spin wheel will trigger either of the wilds mentioned above (Tower Wilds or Joker Wilds)



Venice Magic is a beautiful game, not only in terms of display, graphics, and soundtrack but also because of its smooth gameplay. The game gives out a ton of options for the players to increase their wins. As you will play this game, you will find that it isn’t hard to get to a point of a decent payout. You will thoroughly enjoy this game and so we recommend this slot game to anyone looking to have a good time. The game is light-hearted and cheerful.