Vampire Desire

With the eerie and spooky vibes of the upcoming Halloween festival, this slot seems perfect. Barcrest has done a fantastic job in condensing the fascinating essence of Halloween in this slot.

Vampire Desire, as the name suggests, is a vampire-themed slot created by Barcrest. This slot portrays a sultry vampire at the main lead. The slot is like a scene from a movie where there is a dark night with creepy creatures crawling out.

The vampire who is the main character of this creepy slot is a sexy Vampire queen, which is exuding beauty and charm. The vampire appears to be teasing the players in a way of inviting them to her castle. However, this castle won’t be easy to get through and that is where the fun lies.


Vampire Desire – RTP and Maximum Win

Vampire Desire is a pretty new theme with refreshing features and a twist which players would definitely swoon over. The addition of the main role played by the seductress vampire just adds more points to the game.

The gothic and spooky vibes of the game are well accompanied by the profitability of the game. The Return to Player factor of the game is placed at a good rate of 96%. While having multiple runs of the game we realized that the game has a medium level of variance. The variance stays moderately which means that anyone can play this game without the loss of serious money. The numbers of wins are not as high however whatever wins we received were pretty good.

Vampire Desire thrives on a bunch of great bonus rounds, the volatility on these rounds gets much higher. The bonuses are generally harder to get thus the reason for high volatility.

The Barcrest slot houses a jackpot which is a whopping amount of £250,000. It also has small wins that will come to the players on multiple occasions. The wager range on this game varies between £0.10- £500.


Vampire Desire Symbols

As discussed above, Vampire Desire is a themed slot which emulates true gothic vibes of all things supernatural. The style of this game is pretty catchy and intriguing. The slot is unlike several happy themes and is premised upon the dark side of things.

The slot has all these elements of a vampire night. The symbols of this game are also matched perfectly with the theme.

The symbols in the game are joined by the following items: the vampire queen, blood vessels, an eerie mansion, skulls, bats and disturbing night icons. These are all high valued symbols. These low valued symbols are joined by Ace, Jack, Queen, King and alphanumerical 10 and 9.


Vampire Desire Bonus

Vampire Desire has also done a pretty commendable job in terms of bonuses and promotional features. Some of these lucrative features are listed below:

  • Lock it Link “free spins”: Free spins are near and dear to every slot player. In Vampire Desire, Barcrest has indeed added the option of free spins. However, it is different from the way availed in the traditional slot.
    In this slot by Barcrest, free spins are activated after placing 3 red hearts symbols in the same section. Doing this will give the players 3 re-spin whereby these red heart symbols will, in fact, turn into gold.
    To extend this bonus, players can line up another set of red or blue hearts and combine all the scores. Thus paving way for more re-spins and more bonuses.
  • Bonus: Vampire Desire has its own unique bonus system. Here the Vamp it Up bonus is used. To activate this bonus, players have to first wage a bigger amount. Wager at £2 or above can only get the opportunity to play this bonus.

In this bonus, players have to land a pay-out of 2.5x times the stake or more than that. The bonus round is thus triggered which appears in the form of a bonus wheel. It is quite interesting to look at and provides a total multiplier of 5x or more. It can also allot free spins.

  • Wilds: Wilds are the USP of every slot. In Vampire Desire the wild is represented in the form of vampire bats. When this function is triggered the wild symbol will substitute all the symbols in order to fulfill the paylines.
    This feature also leads to triggering the Mighty Reels feature, which appears when all the bats together turn into the female vampire.


Vampire Desire was a truly gothic yet wonderful slot that will work as smoothly across other devices like smartphones, PCs, tablets and other such portals.

The best way to play this mighty slot is in landscape mode that is our personal experience. Players also try out the portrait mode if that is what they prefer. With the 100 pay lines, the options are plenty. The slot is affordable for many newbies and its volatility is also not out-bounds. We really enjoyed this game and its unique theme.