Valkyrie is an online slot which is premised upon the stunning mythical Valkyries. It is a creation by Elk Studios, a company known for its state-of-the-art graphics and backdrops. Elk Studios has always delivered strikingly stunning animations in their slot games. These games, much like Valkyrie, are decorated with rich colors with every detail aced to perfection.

Valkyrie is set in a backdrop of a battlefield of Midgard with gigantic dreamy clouds as an accessory. The game also features Freya, a famous character and the goddess of Love who seems ready to summon her superpowers. Valkyrie has some really splendid graphics with artsy colors and a really dramatic soundtrack to add to the theatrics.

Valkyrie, a creation of Elk Studios, is a Norse themed slot game. It features standard 5 reels along with 4 rows. Valkyrie has an astounding amount of ways to win the game which are as high as 1,024 times. This is a really terrific creation by Elk Studios and it falls right in the reputation of this casino creating company. For a more detailed review, RTP, bonuses and much more keep reading.

Valkyrie is compatible with all your electronic devices like PC, tablets etc. And the game can also be played on various different operating systems. It will run smoothly on all of them.


Valkyrie – RTP and Maximum Win

Valkyrie, as mentioned earlier, offers more than 1000 ways to win. This game also has a lot of interesting bonus options for its players.

The maximum win by a player can be attained at a point of 5000 times more than their initial stake. This is really considerable, looking at the initial cost which is pretty affordable. The highest stake can be easily attained during free spins.

Valkyrie has a good RRP of 96.30%. Such a good RTP will assist you throughout the game. The game also has a medium to high level of variance or volatility. So it is advised for the players to tread carefully.


Valkyrie Symbols

Valkyrie has its symbols in various sizes and types dispersed on all of its 5 reels.

These symbols are premium and standard. The premium ones form to give bigger pay-out while the moderate ones operate moderately.

Amongst the moderate ones you will find J to A suits present is artsy rune graphics. They are accompanied by other symbols like axes, gauntlet, snakes, and wolves. The premium symbols include 4 major Valkyries which are Tyra, Gane, Andora, and Helen.

Other major symbols are Odin- the God and more. There are other symbols called epic symbols. Which are nothing but bonus symbols and they can appear at every spin.


Valkyrie Bonus

Valkyrie also has a lot of amazing bonuses which can benefit the players greatly. Read about these bonuses down below:

·        Bonus Spin:

A bonus spin is an added spin which can be triggered at random during any spin. When the bonus triggers your screen will go black and will lit up by thunderbolts. These bolts are accompanied by silver bonus symbols raining down on the entire slot.

·        Freya Bonuses:

Freya, the goddess of love will randomly pop on the screen and select one of three features for you. These features are The Arrow of Fortune, The Shield of Chance, and The Sword of Destiny.

Shield of Chance will trigger a pour of wild symbols on the reel. This rain will facilitate a bigger win for the player.

The Arrow of Fortune, on the other hand, will get Frey to shot an arrow on the reel which will perish some part of the reel. This burnt part will get replaced with epic symbols.

The Sword of Destiny will trigger falling swords on your reels so look out for that. These swords will pierce through some of your reels and replace them all with wild symbols, which mean a bigger reward for you.

·        Free Spins:

Valkyrie also features free spins for its players which can be triggered at random. When triggered, bonus spin will emerge with one of the three above mentioned bonus feature. This will provide you with a mega-hit. You’re bound to get one bonus spin on every free spin.

The more the free spins you get, the higher will be the number of bonus spins for a higher reward. You will get at least one bonus spin on every free spin which has 5 rounds. You will have at least 2 bonus rounds for 7 free spins and at least 3 bonus rounds for 10 free spins.


Our detailed review of Valkyrie might have sufficed all of your burning questions. We personally adore this game. It ticks all the boxes of our requirements with its impeccable graphics, gameplay, and RTP. It really has some striking bonus features which will get players coming back for more.

Its variance, however, falls on the higher side so the players must not get too carried away. But if your luck falls right, you can get a payout of 5000 times more than your initial wager.