You are going to enjoy this slot game if you are a fan of Norse mythology. There is a story about Gods in that mythology. Valhalla is actually the hall of Gods according to the Norse mythology and this game Valhalla Slot got inspiration from there. Betdigital developed this slot for casino lovers to make them feel like tripping back to the time of Scandinavian ancestors. It is a five reels slot game with three rows. There are ten fixed paylines in the game. However, there can be various winning combinations on the reels if at least three same symbols appear in matching.

The graphics of the game is stunning and the audio effects are also amazing. The reels will start to roll in every round and each reel will stop rolling one by one by making a combination of reels. If matching symbols appear, then the player will win rewards. Every required detail like balance, stake, win, etc. are present on the gaming screen. The overall theme looks like a golden page with various symbols. There are different numbers placed on both sides of the gaming reels. Same numbers from both of the sides create connecting lines in which if same symbols appear, the player will receive higher rewards.

Play Valhalla online

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Valhalla Slot Symbols

As it is an online slot game with 5 reels and 3 rows, it is obvious that there will be different symbols defined in this game. Like most of the slot games have, Valhalla Slot also has different low paying symbols and different high paying symbols. In addition, there is a wild symbol also, which is a symbol of the female blonde warrior. You can see this blonde warrior as the main character shown at the time of the start of the game.

There are total 9 general symbols. The 5 low paying symbols are:

  • 10,
  • J,
  • Q,
  • K, and
  • A

And the 4 high paying symbols are:

  • Warrior Helmet,
  • Horn,
  • Wooden Shield, and
  • Viking Longboat

In general, the low paying symbols appear in matching on the reels most of the time. And it returns bonus value according to the symbols. Getting a combination of high paying symbols may not be a regular one, but when it appears the reward is actually a big one. The wild symbol only appears on the third reel and it is a rare one to have the wild symbol on the reel. Wild symbol can replace all other symbols to create winning combos and with this symbol, a player can get the highest amount of rewards possible in Valhalla.

Valhalla Slot Bonus

The bonuses are quite interesting in this game and this bonus feature is one of those attractions which excite players to play this game. With the spin button and the arrow buttons on the gaming screen, a player can start rolling the reels and can set the bet amounts. The bet amounts can vary from 0.1 EUR to 200 EUR. According to the bet amount set, the bonus can get triggered. With increased bets, bigger payouts and extra facilities will make the bonus higher.

  • 0th Bet Level: It is a normal wild of the standard
  • 1st Bet Level: It is an expanding wild on the third reel with 2 times of standard stake.
  • 2nd Bet Level: It is an expanding wild on the third reel with an extra re-spin feature with 4 times of standard stake.
  • 3rd Bet Level: It is also an expanding wild on the third reel with two re-spin and it will be 6 times the standard stake.
  • 4th Bet Level: 4th bet level is the expanding wild 8 times of the standard stake with three extra re-spins.
  • 5th Bet Level: It is an expanding wild 10 times of the standard stake with four extra re-spins.


With stunning video and audio quality, Valhalla comes with 94 % Return to Player [RTP] rate which is quite good for a slot game. And when it comes to a great online casino like bCasino, then it is impossible to resist a slot game like Valhalla. Another big advantage of playing at bCasino is that you can play any of the online casino games on your mobile phone also. You should definitely give a try to Valhalla Slot if you are a Slot Game Lover.