Thunder Reels

For the times when you just want to relax and ease out by playing a simple slot game, thunder reels has it all covered. Playson thought of bringing up something that might not need a lot of hard work to play. Eliminating 3D effects, complicated bonus features, etc. were the main aim of this game. It thus provides a super simple and easy to understand gameplay for the gamblers to play with.

Thunder reels by Playson have a total of 3 reels and 5 fixed paylines. It is an old-school game and doesn’t require high internet connectivity. It can be easily played on a decent connection on any device having an internet browser. The game gives you a realistic feeling of being in an arcade.


Thunder Reels - RTP and Maximum Win

Sometimes it is believed that being fancy can only make your game a successful one. Well, Thunder Reels will break all such stereotype thinking. The RTP held by the game is no less than 96.13%. It is far more than what is owned by any leading slot game. The simplicity of the game is the key reason for its success.

Moving on to the betting range and the maximum wins of the game. The minimum coin size in the game is 1 and the maximum coin size is 20. The utmost bet that can be placed in the game is €100.00. Also, you will be surprised to know that the maximum amounts of coins that can be won in the game are 843750.


Thunder Reels Symbols

The game is based on the backdrop of a beautiful night sky. You can see the deep blue-black screen at the back of the reels. The sky is covered with fine streaks of lightning. It makes the sky look all the way more beautiful. The dark backdrop makes the reels and the symbols pop out gracefully. The frame of the reels is golden in color. It is simple just like the game itself. A mere look at the gaming screen will make you understand the details of the game in no time.

Beneath the three playing reels are the betting essentials. You can choose the autoplay option, or the maximum bet option to place the highest bet. There is a spin option as well. Other than this, you can track your bet amounts and credits from the given space in the betting area.

The symbols of the game are quite old-school. They will remind you of the good old days of the 1980s. On the reels, you’ll spot all the symbols in doubles majorly. Thus, there will be double 7s, two gold stars, fruit pairs of oranges, lemons, plums, and cherries. There are Xs and BAR symbols as well.

The game does not have any kind of special symbols though.


Thunder Reels Bonus

As the game focuses on being minimal with any kind of complexity, the bonus features in the game are very simple. There is one main bonus feature and a gamble feature. The details of both are mentioned below:

  • Double Winning Feature: Thunder reels slot game by Playson offers a double winning feature a sits main bonus feature. The bonus can be easily triggered while playing the base game itself. In order to activate this feature, it is essential that you have at least 9 similar fruit symbols on your reels at one time. This means that your entire screen of the game (all the three reels) should be filled with the same fruit symbol. In this case, before your rewards are added to your account, the amount that you’ve won will be doubled and then processed. Likewise, any of the mentioned fruits, i.e., the cherries, plums, oranges, and lemons can be used to gain high winning amounts. The feature is simple but still gives you a chance of filling up your pockets very easily.
  • Gamble Feature: The gamble button can be easily spotted beneath the reels of the game. Hence, while playing gamble you have to make a guess on either the color or the suit of the upcoming card. You have a chance to win a double amount of your bet or 4 times the amount of your bet respectively. Hence, if you guess the color of the upcoming card right, you’ll win twice the amount of you bet. Whereas, if you guess the suit of the card right, you have a chance to fin quadruple amount of your bet. But, there’s a catch here. During the gamble feature, you can make up to 5 back to back right guesses. Hence, if you by any chance guess even a single of them wrong, you’ll lose the entire amount earned through the feature.



Thunder Reels by Playson is a game made for all ages and all kinds of players. It is extremely simple and basic. Despite the simplicity, the game’s RTP signifies its popularity very quickly. Hence, if you just want to spend some quality time relaxing or learning to play gamble, this is the place for you.