The Mask

The Mask is a slot reel game created by NextGen gaming, the Company known for many stellar online casino games. This game offers 5 reels along with 20 pay-lines which is more than your standard reel game. Players can play this video slot at a cost of 10p which can go up to £100. The game is based on the cult classic movie - The Mask. This movie has been a favorite since generations. Jim Carrey had his impeccable acting skills in this film. Fortunately, Jim Carrey has his presence in this game as well.

This game offers 30,000x of the wager amount player pays. The game also houses 4 wild features which are definitely more than your basic slot feature. You also get free spins in this game along with multipliers up to 5x. With this 90s blockbuster inspired slot game, be prepared for a rollercoaster ride.

Play The Mask online

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The Mask Symbols

The mask has some really superb features from cartoons to animations. This game is set in the backdrop of the Edge City which is a fictional town. The game has a nighttime display which makes the symbols pop up in vibrancy. The symbols of this game include alphabets A, J, K, and Q. These alphabets are complemented with 10 cards from the deck of 52 cards. You will also witness the characters from this movie. These characters are Milo the dog, Mask’s classic hat, Tina (Cameron Diaz), The Mask himself, and Jim Carrey’s character Stanley. Through these symbols, you can deduce that this game emulates the true spirit of the blockbuster movie.

The Mask is the wild symbol. The arrival of this symbol will assure wins from 2x to 5x. So look out for this feature as it is the best feature of this game, but it is chosen at random. You should also keep a lookout for Milo because if that symbol appears you get 5 free spins. There are other great features which you can learn in the following section.

The Mask Bonus

The Mask has a lot of bonus and wild card features. For instance, if you get Tina a.k.a Cameron Diaz on your screen, then you’ve triggered a wild symbol. This symbol will replace all the symbols. As you win these combos you will also witness famous clips from the movie.

The game essentially offers 4 wild features that get triggered randomly.

  • Alarm Clock: This feature displays an Alarm Clock that bounces surrounding the reels. If the Hammer terminates the clock then a wild block of 2x2 will emerge in its place.
  • Spin Feature: In this, the Mask will appear and transform into a whirlwind that circles back and forth. This whirlwind can turn all your symbols to one uniform symbol. You can greatly benefit from this feature.
  • By The Horn: In this feature, if you randomly trigger it, then the Mask will appear and weirdly squeeze horns. At this, the selected symbols will get converted into wild symbols. This can only happen up to 4 reels. So every time this feature gets triggered, the symbols will turn into wilds but until 4 reels only. So it is a good feature.
  • Mask Unmask: In this feature, Milo the dog will emerge and he will place masks over some random reel sets. He will do this on 3x3 selection. So, if the mask has covered a few Stanley symbols, then they will all turn wild. This is a very good feature that many players seem to love.

The Mask, however, gives it spotlight to its free game bonus feature. This feature appears only when you get a 3/4 or 5 bonus to land at any spot upon the reels. In this case, you land free spins of 10, 15, and 25 respectively.


This game captures the true spirit of the original movie of the 90s. This game is goofy, fun, exciting, and predictable - everything the movie was. This game brings back life to the smookin’ Mask who wooed everyone with his whirlwind moves. The game is packed with bonuses, features, and wildcards. Players can never forget that this game offers 30,000x ways to win while they can also acquire 6000 times more than your wager. How amazing is that!

Overall, it’s a commendable job by NextGen gaming yet again, emulating this iconic movie. We would rate this game a solid 9/10 because of its sheer fun and wit.