The Lab

Game Review

Impressing their players with their innovative themes and unusual bonuses, ELK studios’ one of the first productions is The Lab slot. Fulfilling your fantasies of being a part of a Sci-Fi themed game, The Lab has a lot to offer. It isn’t something just made for the nerds. Anyone who wishes to play the game won’t be disappointed with the gameplay and the outputs.

The game has a total of 5 reels and fifteen different paylines. It is a video slot and hence offers an amazing digital experience to the players so that they come back. It is compatible with laptops, PCs, phones, and tablets. Therefore, you can play the game anytime and anywhere. It is easily understandable and has an interactive interface.


The Lab – RTP and Maximum Win

The RTP of this medium variance Chemistry-themed slot is as high as 96.3%, which means that there are more chances for you to get a high win than in a lot of other games slots with lower RTPs. The maximum you can win is a whopping x276.000 or 46000 coins.


The Lab Symbols

The symbols used in the game are really eye-pleasing. They are relatable to the theme and can be understood easily. The backdrop of the gaming screen has beautiful stunning vortex which adds more to the scientific outlook of the game.

The symbols of the game have some really precious chemicals and molecules both. There are high and low paying crystals too. The highest benefit can be extracted from an attractive green gem. 5 of these can bring you an impressive output of coins, hence keep an eye.

The remaining symbols of the game are also different from that in usual games. It is normally found that the low-paying symbols are represented by the playing card values. But here, the theme is taken a bit seriously and very intriguing chemical symbols are used. H2O (chemical formula for water), O2 (stands for oxygen), Pt (platinum) and Au (chemical representation of gold) are some of the symbols which you’ll encounter. This brings more fun and interest in the game.

The scatter symbol is represented by an “X”. It helps in activating the bonus feature through which you can enjoy some amazing winnings.


The Lab Bonus

The game offers some bonuses which are not offered by any other slot game and hence makes it better than the rest. The explained information regarding these bonuses is mentioned below:

  • Free Spins: Free spins bonus might be very common in slot games. But the way this particular bonus is triggered, it makes it quite different here. In order to trigger the Free Spin Bonus, the wild symbol which is represented by the game’s logo itself lands upon the middle part of the vortex but specifically in the 2nd This will give rise to two new reels which can be spotted on the left side of the screen. The result of which would be that the three reels will accumulate on the right and the first two reels will keep spinning. The Wild symbol will thus be in the middle of the fourth reel and will perform its function there too. The spins will start on their own, and in case, you land up with +1 symbol or +2 symbols, you will get an additional one or two free spins to use in the game.
  • Wild: The wild is represented by the game’s logo. It acts as a substitute of the symbols present in the game except for the scatter symbol.
  • Scatter: The scatter symbol is the big bold “X” which can be seen on the reels. It helps in multiplying your wins into two times, hence giving you more benefits.
  • Betting Strategies: There are three different strategies that you’d come across to choose from in order to enhance the winnings. These are as follows:
  • Jumper: This strategy adds up 2x to your betting amount every time you win. This can go up to 10x. In case you lose, the betting amount resets and comes down.
  • Leveler: In this strategy, after you lose 5 times consecutively, the bet level rises up to 2x-10x. If you win, the betting level comes down.
  • Booster: After every loss, the betting level increases by one up to 10 levels. On winning it gets reset.



It is an interesting and intriguing game offering chances to the players in a way no other game does. Its uniqueness is impressive and hence the players come again and again to play it. Overall it is a good game with attractive graphics and impressive sound system along with different gameplay.