What comes to your mind when you think of a table-football game? Well, what can it be other that Subbuteo! Next Generation Gaming has recreated this old-school game with more interesting features. Subbuteo is a game that is powered by Betdigital gaming. It features the famous pastime game which was known by the same name i.e, Subbuteo.

The game offers 5 reels along with 3 rows. Paylines are 20 in number. The game has a lot of attractive bonuses and surprises for the players. Huge opportunities await the presence of interested gamblers. The game offers its best features on mobiles, tablets, PCs, and all the latest devices used for gaming purposes.


Subbuteo - RTP and Maximum Win

Not to our surprise, the RTP of Subbuteo is quite impressive. It stands at no less than 96%. Successful games hold such high RTPs.

The betting range offered by the game is also wide. You can place a minimum bet of 0.20 in terms of coins. On the other hand, the maximum bet in the same denomination stands at 200. Thus, you can place the bets as per your gaming style. Well, there’s another amazing fact that should be known by you about the game. The maximum amount of money that you can win in this game is 1000000 coins. Now isn’t that jaw-dropping?


Subbuteo Symbols

The backdrop of the game consists of a huge football ground. Adding a more realistic touch to it, it has fans sitting in the stadium. You can also spot the game’s accessories behind the reels. Talking about the reels, they appear to be the pitches where football is to be played. The entire setup is cleverly planned to get the closest feeling to a real football game.

Beneath the reels, you’ll find the shadows of 11 team members. They keep coming to life and appear in colors gradually as the badges show up. This is a progress checker for bonus triggering as well.

As soon as the game starts, you will have to select the team name along with the color of the kit. You have to do so with a given list of names and colors itself. The symbols are majorly divided into high and low-paying. The prior ones include the logo of Subbuteo and a trophy of silver color. Along with them are a whistle, boots, and a football, of course. All the symbols are related to the football theme. The lower-value symbols include numerical 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. Wild is played by the crowd symbol.


Subbuteo Bonus

The game offers some exciting bonuses for the players to enjoy. These bonus features help you get to the maximum win:

  • Free Spins: As mentioned before, the shadows come to life with the appearance of the badges. As the team badges appear on the reels, each player one by one will appear from the shadows. Once all the players are visible, the free spins feature gets activated. You can also purchase the free spins feature before time. This is possible after at least 7 players are visible. You have to pay the cost of your stake to activate the bonus before completing 11 players.

You get a total of 18 free spins to play with. Every spin is worth 5 minutes. This sums up to make a total of the 90-minute free spin game (referring to the length of a football match).  The free spin feature further has these sub-features:

  • Free Kick: You can win a free spin.
  • Penalty: Win a cash prize if you manage a penalty against the goalie.
  • Goal: Get 5 times your stake along with a goal added for your team score.
  • Action Replay: If your last spin was a winning combination, it gets repeated.
  • Red Card: A low-paying symbol gets eliminated from the reels.
  • Substitution: Super Subbuteo symbol replaces a low-paying symbol from the reels.

In case the match turns out to be a draw, you get 6 more free spins to clear that draw. If the draw remains even after the extra spins, you get a penalty shootout. For every single goal that you score, you are eligible to get a reward worth 5 times your stake.

  • Reel Bonus: The game also offers some random after-spin bonuses to the players. They are as below:
  • Extra player: A player from the shadow comes to life. You also get a cash prize.
  • Manager of the month: This does multiple things. It can even lighten up a player from the shadows, or can even kick a bonus. It can also award you a cash prize, and can also give you a free spin with a promised prize.
  • New Contract: You get a cash prize.



Subbuteo is an interesting and outstanding game for the gamblers to enjoy. It has really different features and impressive paybacks. This draws a player back to the game, thus resulting in a high RTP. It is undoubtedly a highly-recommended game.