Some designers like to go over the top and design slots full of complicated design. But, many times minimalism is the best. The Spectra slot by Thunderkick has a unique charm to it that is definite. The reason for that uniqueness is the perfect mixture of minimalistic design, futuristic yet retro feel, and the space age visual appeal. That is a tough combination to crack.

The black backdrop and the neon geometrical symbols of the slot machine are designed in high-quality graphics. This slot has 5 reels and 4 rows with 30 paylines. The sci-fi look of the game will appeal newbies, veteran players, computer geeks, and sci-fi lovers alike.

Play Spectra at bCasino

Online casinos are dime a dozen right now. The internet is full of them. In such a competitive world, it is difficult for a player to choose the right casino to play his/her favorite game. More than half of the online casinos are not genuine. But that is not the case with us. Most of you must have already experienced bCasino by now. For those who haven’t, be assured that you will find everything you like on the website. Any genre of game you want; you will find it. And not just that, it will meet all the checkpoints – easy deposit, no hidden policies, simple withdrawal, attractive bonuses, and a plethora of games.


Spectra Symbols

The Spectra symbols are simple geometrical shapes that shine with neon lights against the dark background. These symbols resemble the neon lights of Vegas. After tons of heavy and sophisticated 3D symbols, these simple minimalistic ones are a welcome change.

The slot game has 10 electrifying symbols. The lower valued symbols are simple shapes like blue circles, red pentagons, light blue triangles, green squares, and purple diamonds. The higher valued symbols are also the usual ones which include bells, bars, clovers and sevens in yellow, white, green and red colors. The 1970s themed space age slot also has a special W which is multi-colored and acts as a wild symbol for the game.

Unfortunately, there are no scatters or special bonus symbols in the game. But that does not mean that the slot game is low on bonuses. There are ample chances to win big.


Spectra Bonus

Just like any other modern slot game, Spectra also provides bonus features which are way more than just the basic pay lines. Though there is only one wild symbol you can take its advantage in many ways. You get enjoy re-spins and earn a jackpot of up to 2400 times your stake on every spin.

The bonus round is triggered when the multi-colored W lands on your reels. Every time W appears on the screen, a Wild re-spin feature is activated and you get free re-spins. The game also has a Wild Nudge Feature which nudges the wild stacks towards the center of the reels with every re-spin.

For example, if the multi-colored W lands on your first row, it will be pushed down by 1 during the re-spin. So now you have 2 wilds on your reels. Depending on where the W lands in the first place, it will move up or down to get to the center. Landing another W or the wild symbol on your reels will trigger another round of re-spin.

The game is also fair. You won’t have to wait long for the re-spins to start. Wild symbol appears on the reels fairly frequently. And as the symbol moves closer and closer to the center, every symbol on the reel will become a wild. Once the wilds have reached the center and covered every other symbol, the re-spins end.



The gameplay is straightforward and simple, thus addictive. Thunderkick has tried to make a simple arcade game and jazz it up with a light show. Needless to say, they have succeeded. You will enjoy the bright lights on your screen and the simplicity of the game. No one has ever to come to us with a negative comment regarding Spectra. And personally, we think that the repetitive gameplay makes it hypnotic. You just can’t let go!

There are so many other things to love. The game offers adjustable pay lines which you can change according to the wager you would like to place in any round. The minimum bet for the game is £0.10 and it can go up to a maximum of £100. If you are a slow and consistent player, you also get an ‘Autoplay’ option where you can let the game spin itself for 5000 spins consecutively at the same wager.

There is not much else to say about the game anymore. Just grab the nearest computer and start playing Spectra at bCasino. The spectrum of colors emitting out of your screen will soothe you, to say the least. Also, the apt soundtrack will only add to the appeal of the game.