So Hot

It’s actually interesting when the main theme of a game looks like something hot and warm. And when it comes to the point of an online casino slot, then it is definitely going to be fascinating to the players. So Hot comes up in that list of online casino slots which can give you the feeling the warmth of the game while playing.

So Hot Slot comes with 20 paylines, 3 rows, and 5 reels. An exciting feature of this game is the jackpot feature. The pay table is so huge that the winning frequency is great in this video slot. This game can be played in almost every kind of devices. The only requirement to play this slot is a browser and internet connection.


So Hot - RTP and Maximum Win

This casino slot is developed and designed by Cadillac Jack Software. As the winning frequency is great, the game has an RTP over 90%. It is one of those reasons why players love to enjoy this slot so much. The maximum win of the game can get really huge. It can be 50000 Euros with the jackpot at max credit. The value is so huge that players often fail to deny playing this game over and over.


So Hot: Symbols

There is a total of 13 symbols that can appear on the reels after spinning. In which, there are 2 wild symbols and 1 scatters symbol. These symbols have different designs and different purposes in this slot.

There are regular symbols like A, K, Q, J, 10, 9, fruits, bells etc. which gives a bonus in a regular manner. Blue sevens and Famous Red are two wild symbols. They can substitute every other symbol except the scattered ones. After substituting, the wild symbols will give sure shot winning of your round with bonus. 3 scatter symbols or more with a fire heart symbol in a row will give you a chance to get an award of special play.

Jackpots can be won while having regular symbols on the reels. It is not the only way to have huge bonus value if you have wild symbols on your reel. The jackpot can also make you get bigger rewards up to 50000 euros if the credit value is at maximum. One thing needs to be considered that the jackpot is not available during free spins session.


So Hot Bonus

This casino video slot is famous for its bonus terms. There are only a few casino games which offer jackpot feature in a slot game. The jackpot feature makes it easier to attract the attention of different players. Though without the jackpot feature, the game itself has huge bonus winning potential. It can give a maximum of 5000 euros without any jackpot and this value is huge. There can be different combinations of symbols to make big bonus values.

  • Famous Red: At max credit per line, having 5 famous red symbols can offer a bonus of 50000 euros as a jackpot. 4 of these symbols will give 500 euros. 3 famous red symbols will give 250 euros. And 2 famous red symbols will give 15 euros as a bonus.
  • Blue Seven: 5 blue seven symbols will give a reward of 5000 euros as a bonus. 4, 3 and 2 numbers of this symbol will give 500, 250 and 15 euros respectively.
  • Combination of wilds: Combinations of wilds can give you big rewards as a bonus. Combination of 5 wild symbols can give 5000 euros as a bonus. Also, a combination of 4 and 3 wild symbols will offer 500 and 150 euros as a bonus.
  • Tridents: 5 trident symbols will offer 1000 euros. 4 tridents will give 250 euros. 3 tridents can give 50 euros and 2 tridents will offer 2 euros.
  • Coins: 5, 4 and 3 numbers of coins symbols can give 300, 100 and 20 euros as a bonus.
  • Fruits: 5, 4 and 3 numbers of fruits symbols can offer 250, 100 and 20 euros.
  • Bells: 5, 4 and 3 numbers of bells symbols will give 200, 40 and 10 euros and bonus.


Other Regular Symbols

  • A

5 numbers of A: 150 euros

4 numbers of A: 30 euros

3 numbers of A: 10 euros

  • K

5 numbers of K: 140 euros

4 numbers of K: 30 euros

3 numbers of K: 5 euros

  • Q

5 numbers of Q: 125 euros

4 numbers of Q: 20 euros

3 numbers of Q: 5 euros

  • J

5 numbers of J: 100 euros

4 numbers of J: 20 euros

3 numbers of J: 5 euros

  • 10

5 numbers of 10: 100 euros

4 numbers of 10: 20 euros

3 numbers of 10: 5 euros

  • 9

5 numbers of 9: 100 euros

4 numbers of 9: 20 euros

3 numbers of 9: 5 euros

2 numbers of 9: 2 euros


So Hot Slot is a unique categorized casino slot. You can find it on the top notched online casinos around the world. You must try this casino video slot game if you are a casino geek.