We have always heard of two things being very unique, with no two of them being the same – fingerprints and snowflakes. This interesting slot from Nextgen Gaming is called snowflakes. And it works on the principle of getting similar snowflakes in a row. If for nothing else, we loved this game for the variety of beautiful snowflakes. But let us also talk about the other aspects of this slot.

There are three rows in this game. You can win money in any of the twenty-five ways. We already told you about the attractive snowflakes. That apart, the background is very good as well. The winter theme in this game feels really soothing. You needn’t worry about what device you have. This game can be played on mobile phones, tablets, and desktops. Both Android and iOS devices can be used to play.


Snowflakes – RTP and Maximum Win

Before we get into the game’s basics, it is good to know that it has an expected return to player (RTP) rate of 96.57%. It also has a jackpot feature where the maximum win is $50000. What these two numbers mean is that if played long enough, a player can expect good wins from this game. The winnings are helped along by a series of useful Scatters, Free Games and other bonus features. Each spin of the slot can cost from 30p to £600.


Snowflakes Symbols

Let us now understand the basic features of this interesting game. There are 10 different symbols. They are in blue, green, and purple colors. Like we said earlier, the symbols are all beautiful variations of the snowflake design. Different designs have different rewards available. For example, there is an 8-point snowflake which provides 400 coins. This happens when 5 of them occur in a line. Apart from the regular symbols, there is a Wild and Scatter feature too.

The Wild is easy to identify because it shows the Wild Logo. This logo is encased in a piece of ice. Of all the snowflake symbols, this one provides the best returns. Wilds can provide returns in combination with other symbols. It can give even better returns if it occurs on a series of Wilds. This combination could be worth 500 coins. The Wild symbol can be used to substitute all other symbols except one. Scatter is the only symbol that the Wild can’t replace. During the free spin bonus rounds, the Wild remain locked in place till the end of the round.

Scatter is another useful symbol. It is a multicolored symbol of a round piece of ice. It looks pretty much like a glittering diamond with multiple facets. This is the best paying symbol of all. Depending on the number of Scatters visible, you could even win up to 2500 coins on this symbol.


Snowflakes Bonus

The snowflakes in this game might be similar to each other. But when it comes to bonuses available, you get several options. Let us take a look at the available bonus rounds.

  • Frozen Wilds - Free Spins: This feature where you get additional spins for free, is also referred to as Frozen Wilds. We spoke of the Scatter symbol earlier. A minimum of three Scatters in a row would trigger the bonus free spins. But if you get more than 3, the numbers of free spins increase, as detailed below. Whatever Wild symbols you get while free spins are on would stay that way till this bonus round gets over. The game rules for this are as follows:
  1. You get 7 free spins if 3 Scatters land together + 5 times return on the wager amount
  2. You get 10 free spins if 4 Scatters land together + 20 times return on the wager amount
  3. You get 15 free spins if 5 Scatters land together + 100 times return on the wager amount
  • Icy Wild and Wild Wind: These are two other bonus options you have. They are quite similar to each other. Icy Wild feature is triggered randomly during the game. A maximum of 5 symbols could get transformed into the higher paying Wild. Each such transformation is subject to a maximum of 1 per reel. The Wild Wind feature helps you in a similar way, but with a slight difference in the way Wilds are added. The transformation into Wilds happens after the end of the spin in Icy Wild feature. In Wild Wind feature, this transformation takes place during the spin, not at the end.



If you ask me, I could go on playing Snowflakes for hours just for the soothing visuals and background audio. But after playing several combinations, I realized that the returns are also quite attractive. The variance of this game ranges from low to medium. I haven’t seen too many games with two randomly triggered bonus features. If you haven’t tried this game yet, I recommend you do.