Slots of Money

They say that Las Vegas is the Mecca of gaming, and for good reason. But if you do not have the time (or money) for a trip to Vegas, then this slot game is a wonderful alternative. It is powered by Betdigital and produced by NextGen Gaming and is made on the Vegas theme. The unique feature of this game is that the reels are arranged in a hexagonal manner instead of horizontal rows and vertical reels. There are no spinning reels at all, and each position spins on its own axis to show a symbol. Because of this, there is a tremendous increase in the number of possible wins. This slot offers as many as 118700 different ways to win.


Slots of Money – RTP and Maximum Win

You can start playing from as low as 10p a spin. The game offers 4 variants of the base game, and each of these would be randomly triggered. As you become more and more confident, you can crank up your bet amount to £5. There are different bonus gains possible, which we will come to later. But overall, the biggest win could theoretically be as much as a thousand times your bet amount. This is true just for the base game variant. For the Mini-Slot bonus feature, you could go up to 100 times your stake. Likewise, there are a total of 5 additional or bonus rounds. Each of these raises the possibility of your wins higher, and keep a player interested. The average RTP ranges from 94.58% to 95.50%.


Slots of Money Symbols

We start off with the usual card symbols. You will find Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. Outside these standards, the rest of the symbols have the neon flash of Las Vegas. These symbols are backed up by a jazz background score playing in the background. These are some of the symbols you will see:

  • Neon Lights
  • Mini-Slot Machines
  • Bar counters
  • Casino chips
  • Diamonds

The reels of this slot machine are arranged in a slightly different manner. That is why the winning combinations are also different. When you line up 4 similar symbols, you stand to get the payouts. This is especially true for the last two symbols named above. They could give you as much as 1000 times of your wager amount. This is also available in the eponymous symbol carrying the Slots of Money logo.

Another way this slot game is different from others is that it has no Wild symbol. The only special symbol in this game is called the mini-slot. This mini-slot needs to land in different combinations and numbers. Only then will the player get different benefits, detailed below.


Slots of Money Bonus

More than the standard returns for the symbols which are listed in the paytable of Slots of Money, the bonus offerings are more attractive. Let us look at them one by one:

  • Casino Chip BonusThis is a chance given to you to win even if you do not have a winning spin. This is available when your combination has at least 2 of the casino chip symbols. You can then select on any one of those symbols to win the cash reward.
  • Cash Connection BonusThis is available when all the positions on a particular spin show the ‘Pick Me’ symbol. You then have to choose any 1 of them. This reveals a locked symbol, and it would lock all those ‘Pick Me’ symbols in place. You would also get 4 respins, and your total payout would be awarded when those respins end.
  • Flip It Again Bonus – This is another gift you are given when you do not get a winning combination. Once this random bonus feature gets activated, the symbols would all be upturned (flipped). This would reveal new symbols, giving you a fresh chance at winning. The mini-slot bonus we spoke of earlier can also be triggered at this point. A random number of mini-slot spins is offered to you, details of which are given below.
  • Mini-Slot Bonus Flip - This is an interesting feature where you are awarded a certain number of free spins. The number of free spins depends on the number of mini-slot symbols you manage to land. These are the details:
  • 1 mini-slot – 1 free spin
  • 2 mini-slots – 2 free spins
  • 3 mini-slots – 3 free spins
  • 4 mini-slots – 5 free spins
  • 5 mini-slots – 7 free spins
  • 6 mini-slots – 10 free spins
  • 7 or more mini-slots – 20 free spins



If you are looking for a change from the usual reel design, this game is for you. If you need to get the rush of frequent bonus rewards, this game is for you. And yes, a soothing graphics piece and background music are what you can get here. But do not go in expecting a high average return on every spin. For good returns, you have to play for a reasonable amount of time.