The Chinese script is amazing. For the same letters, a different intonation or pronunciation can change the meaning completely. Take the phrase Si-Xiang for instance. It means being homesick in some contexts, and it refers to a thought or ideology in others. It also refers to the division of the constellations into four divisions.

Iron Dog Studios has taken this phrase and named their game offering Si-Xiang. It is different from the usual martial arts storyboard one expects from Chinese themed games. It has 5 reels, 4 rows, and 28 paylines. You can play this game on any of your devices. You get a feel of traditional Chinese life in this game instead of the usual images we tend to associate with China.


Sì-Xiang – RTP and Maximum Win

Iron Dog Studios does have a demo version of Si-Xiang. But if you are playing for money, then you should familiarize yourself with this game first. The minimum bet amount is 50p, which is not very low. The highest bet amount is £100, which would interest the high rollers. The average return to player rate (RTP for short) is 96%, which is better than many other games we have reviewed. The game is built around 4 mythological creatures from Chinese mythology. As you read this review, you will realize that they come with lots of blessings. Apart from the myriad free spin combinations, you also have attractive multipliers. The maximum win on the base game is around 1500 times the bet amount. This is not a one-off attraction. There are many other handsome returns which will attract you to this game.


Sì-Xiang Symbols

Si-Xiang is a game filled with Chinese imagery. The four mythical creatures after whom this game are named are dragon, bird, tiger, and turtle. They symbolize four seasons, four directions, and even four colors. They have a special significance in this game, and we will come to that later. The background music is soothingly Chinese, and you will see a number of Chinese alphabets on the reels. The symbols need to occur in a winning combination of 3 or more matches from left to right. Let us take a look at the regular symbols first. Apart from the special symbols called Wild and Scatter, these are the symbols you will find:

  • Chinese alphabets
  • Frogs
  • Koi carp (fish)
  • Monkey King

In many Asian cultures, the Yin and Yang symbol has a special significance. This is very true for China as well. It is a round shaped symbol, usually portrayed in black and white. It represents the philosophy that everything exists as exact opposites yet they are inseparable. The Yin and Yang symbol features in Si-Xiang as well. It is the Wild symbol for this game. It occurs on the middle third reel. It comes with a 3x multiplier by default, making it more attractive. Additionally, you can use it to replace any other symbol if it helps you make a winning combination.

The other special symbol is the Magic Portal symbol. This is how it rewards you when at least 3 of them occur together:

  • 3 Magic Portal symbols – 1.5x bet amount
  • 4 Magic Portal symbols – 5.0x bet amount
  • 5 Magic Portal symbols – 18x bet amount

This symbol also unleashes the 4 four bonus rounds which stand for the theme of Si-Xiang.


Sì-Xiang Bonus

You will win several free spins when the special rounds are triggered. This number could go up to 100. Additionally, this is what happens for each of the 4 special rounds you get:

  1. Azure Dragon This provides 3 stacked wilds. These stacked wilds move to the left or the right. You can use the benevolent dragon to replace other symbols if needed.
  2. White Tiger The wild is stacked sideways this time in sets of 3. The movement of the stack is up or down. This stack can also replace other symbols when needed.
  3. Wild Tortoise Here the expanding wilds take the shape of a 2x2 matrix. The direction of the wilds is random. They could go left or right, or they could go up or down. The ability to substitute remains the same.
  4. Vermillion Bird This is represented by the Phoenix which has also been a popular icon in many other cultures apart from the Chinese. This set of stacked wilds has 5 symbols, and it is a cross-expanding wild. The movement here is also random, just like the tortoise.



When you study Chinese mythology and literature, the symbolism of flora and fauna is very apparent. This game works on those themes of the sacred symbols. The multiplier on the Wild and the different stacked Wilds add a touch of thrill to this game. You can expect low to medium variance on this game, and the graphics and sound are pretty soothing. If you have played other Chinese themed games, try something which is not about martial arts. You can also win some good money in the bargain.