Rainbow 3X3

When one hears the word ‘slot machine’, brightly colored fruits often come to mind. They were among the earliest casino slot symbols in the 80s and 90s, and are still popular in several games. The name Rainbow 3x3 might give you a similar idea of a slot filled with fruits and flowers. But Rainbow 3x3 by 1x2 Gaming will surprise you in more ways than one. The theme is Irish, so you will see a lot of green in this game. Also, there are multiple sets in this game instead of the usual reels and rows arrangement. That is why you won’t find the usual special symbols in Rainbow 3x3. There are no bonuses either. But read on to understand why this game is still so attractive.


Rainbow 3X3 – RTP and Maximum Win

Like we said earlier, this game offers 9 different sets of 3 reels. For each line, you need to call out your wager and that number would be multiplied by 9. The bets start at 10p for each line, and you can go up to $5 per line. As per the game architecture, your total wager then has a min-max range of 90p and $45. With this extended payline structure, the RTP of Rainbow 3x3 is 95%. For one line, you can win a maximum of $2500, which is the equivalent of 500 times the bet amount.


Rainbow 3X3 Symbols

We already spoke that the game has an Irish theme. Everything associated with Ireland and its people is reflected in the symbols here. Let us give you a brief description of the different symbols you can find and its significance to Irish folklore.

  • Leprechaun’s Hat – A Leprechaun is a bearded fairy character from Irish folklore. Their green coat and hat mark them from afar. They are mischievous characters who might also grant wishes when captured by humans. The green Leprechaun Hat is one of the symbols of the Rainbow 3x3 game.
  • Celtic Logo – It is a type of Christian cross that originated in Ireland (and also Britain). The difference between a Celtic cross and a regular cross is that the Celtic logo has a circle around the cross as well.
  • Horseshoe – This is a well-known symbol that is supposed to bring good luck to the person bearing it.
  • Harp – This musical instrument has a special significance for Ireland. It is a part of the Coat of Arms and is usually associated with royalty.
  • Four leaf clover – Like the horseshoe, this also is associated with good luck. According to Irish folklore, the four leaves represent the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, and good luck.
  • Three leaf clover – This is another symbol in this game and the three leaves stand for faith, hope, and love. Opinions are divided, though, and some people consider the three leaves to be the Holy Trinity.
  • Pints of beer and stout – The Irish pride themselves on Guinness, a dark and dry Irish stout. The word stout is said by some to refer to the strength of the beer. But others opine that it refers to the body of the drink and its color. Apart from these pints, the game also has bottles as well as barrels of beer as symbols. There is also a beer mug as a symbol. They won’t let you forget the alcohol!
  • Bagpipes – This is again an image very closely associated with Ireland. Although the bagpipes originated in Scotland, it is popular in Ireland as well. It finds a place as a symbol of this game.
  • Flag – For an Irish themed game, it is quite natural that the Irish flag is one of the symbols.
  • Rainbow – People across the world love to see a rainbow, but for reasons unknown, it has become an Irish symbol for hope. We spoke of the Leprechaun earlier and their mischievous ways. They are said to love gold and are said to often hide a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

The above list is indicative of the symbols you will be playing with. As we said already, there are no Wilds or Scatters in this game.


Rainbow 3X3 Bonus

This game doesn’t have any designated bonus rounds either. Based on the reel arrangement, you get these wins on each of the three rows:

  1. Top row – 8 times of bet amount
  2. Middle row – 30 times of bet amount
  3. Bottom row – 500 times of bet amount



We did play several rounds over many hours, but we took some time to get used to the game architecture. Maybe it was our shortcoming that we couldn’t embrace a different storyboard. Overall, we were still disappointed with the low RTP and the lack of outright bonuses.