Prosperity Twin

When we think of Oriental themes for slot machines or games, we usually picture martial arts scenes. This slot from Nextgen Gaming is Oriental in flavor, but with a difference. It has a soothing and tranquil feel to it. The waterfall in the backdrop is mostly responsible for this. Then there are the greeneries and the rocky hills, along with the bamboo look for the reels. This game is designed with the traditional Oriental imagery of wealth and prosperity, hence its name. One of the common prosperity symbols is the golden frog. The frog is a constant presence on the screen when you play.

The game itself has 5 reels, and you have 243 different ways of winning. So all you need to win is to get matching symbols in adjacent rows. The most interesting thing about this game is that the winning combinations can be created from left to right and also right to left. You can play this game on all available devices.


Prosperity Twin – RTP and Maximum Win

You can choose to play one-direction wins or both-ways-wins. Most people choose the latter because it costs only 50 coins, whereas one direction costs 28 coins. The RTP of 96.29% makes it worth your while to spend time playing this game. When the traditional option of winning from left to right is selected, the player plays between 28p and 56p on each round. The minimum and maximum for the both-ways-wins format are 50p and £1. The maximum win of 288 times on a particular symbol is when you get 5 of the gem-stuffed Chinese junk on a particular payline.


Prosperity Twin Symbols

The standard visuals you see on other games can be found here as well. For example, the game has the card symbols at the bottom of the pile. You will see spades, clubs, diamonds, and hearts, and these are usually the lowest value symbols. There are some higher value symbols, and also two special symbols called the Wild and the Scatter. We will talk about all of them in subsequent sections.

Then there are the higher value symbols as well. These symbols are more in tune with the name Prosperity Twin. These are some of the symbols of this game:

  • Chinese junk (sailing ship)
  • Dragon
  • Abacus
  • Gold Ingots
  • Koi
  • Green/red undefined shape

The image of a set of ancient, golden Chinese coins is the Wild symbol of this game. These coins are bound together by a sacred red thread. The Wild symbol appears only on the second, third, and fourth reels of the slot. This symbol can be used as a substitute for all other symbols in order to form winning combinations. Scatter symbol is the only symbol that the wild symbol cannot replace. Another interesting feature of this Wild symbol is the additional thrust it provides to your winnings when it forms a part of a winning combo. This is in the form of a multiplier, which could range from 2 times your wager amount and up to 8 times of it. The Scatter symbol in this game is a golden colored Chinese letter called the Kanji.


Prosperity Twin Bonus

Before talking about the standard bonus rounds, it is good to reiterate one of the special features of this game. You can choose to play in a both-ways-win format. What this means is that your winning combination could be from left to right and also from right to left.

The Scatter (kanji) symbol is the key to opening the possible bonus features of this game. When you land a certain number of these Scatter symbols on your reel, the bonus gets triggered. The bonus provides you financial returns and also extra free spins of the reel. These are the details of what you stand to win:

  • 3 Scatters in a line give you 28 coins and 8 free spins
  • 4 Scatters in a line give you 128 coins and 18 free spins
  • 5 Scatters in a line give you 288 coins and 28 free spins

If you can land 2 or more Scatters, you can get up to 8 extra spins. Additionally, if you can get a Wild on your winning combinations, you will also get the benefit of the multipliers associated with the Wilds.



We did spend a lot of time playing all variations of this game. We went through various combinations and selections to understand the strong and weak points. Although the game seems fair and equitable, the attractive returns we spoke about might not come on every spin. The variance for this game is medium, so keep on spinning those reels and the big wins are bound to come. You can opt for the ‘AutoPlay’ if you are playing for long hours. Finally, we also liked the fact that this game could be played on any device, which was pretty liberating.