Power of Gods™: The Pantheon

The Greek civilization has given us a lot to be grateful for. It is no wonder that it has spawned a lot of literature and art over the years. The world of slot games is no different. There have been scores of wonderful games playing on the same theme. Wazdan has upped the ante this year by bringing us a wonderful Greek themed slot game. This game is called the Power of Gods: The Pantheon. You do get the usual fun with the Wild and the Scatter symbols. You also get free spins, which is just like other games. But the free spins are presented in a Grecian way, which we will explain in a bit. Let us take in some more details of this 5-reel and 20-payline game.


Power of Gods™: The Pantheon – RTP and Maximum Win

There are two types of gamers usually. And every gamer begins from one type and graduates into the second type. The first type is the newbie who is just starting to play. Newbies will like the 20 coins minimum bet of this game. The second type of player is the expert who likes big stakes. The maximum bet amount of 100 coins might not seem so attractive to this type of player. The payouts for different symbols are detailed in the paytable. But for now, suffice to say that the highest payout you can expect is 2000x your bet amount. One of the free spin rounds has a scintillating multiplier of 7x too, which can potentially increase your winnings even more. The other number you should be looking at is the RTP. It stands for Returns to Player. For Power of Gods: The Pantheon, this figure is an amazing 96.20%. We can assure you that is far better than most of the games we have reviewed.


Power of Gods™: The Pantheon Symbols

As expected, the Greek Gods and Goddesses dominate proceedings in the Power of Gods: The Pantheon. The base of the Pyramid, to use Egyptian imagery, is made of the card symbols. After that, the Gods take over. This is an indicative list:

  • Card symbols of Royals
  • Hermes
  • Athena
  • Hades
  • Aphrodite
  • Poseidon
  • Zeus

Even if you haven’t played too many slots before, you would have heard about the Wild and the Scatter. These are special symbols in all slot games which bring special rewards. For Power of Gods: The Pantheon, the symbol of the Greek God Zeus is the Wild symbol. It can take the place of any other symbol to provide you a winning combination. This is not possible only for the Scatter, which can’t be replaced. In this game, Poseidon is the Scatter. Apart from its own rewards, it also triggers the bonus rounds. We will come to that next.


Power of Gods™: The Pantheon Bonus

Most slot games offer free spins to the player as a bonus. This could be provided either at the start, during registration. Or it could be provided during the game, with a special trigger. As we said earlier, the Poseidon Scatter is the trigger for free spins in the Power of Gods: The Pantheon. You need to line up at least 3 Scatters to get the free spins going. What makes this game different is how you can control your free spins. You do this by collecting the Lightning and Rose images that you will see on your screen. Once you have 6 of these in hand, you can choose from among these Free Spin variants.

  • Kraken Free Spins – You can get at least 10 free spins, and the maximum you can get is 20. Here you get the benefit of Moving Reels. Additionally, there are attractive multipliers to entice you. You need 3 to 5 Scatters to trigger this round.
  • Zeus Free Spins – The attractive feature of this round is the Extra Wilds you can get. You do get 5 by default, and on top of that, you can also win 6 extra Wilds.
  • Aphrodite Free Spins – The specialty of this round of free spins is the Cascading Reels. 8 random symbols get removed at random, to be replaced by new ones. This round gives you 5 free spins only. But the cascading reels give you a much better chance of big wins. Keep on scoring, and you could go up to the highest multiplier of 7x.



If you have read so far, you must be eager to try this game out. As we said, do not worry even if you are new to this. The minimum bet is small enough for you to try your hand first without the fear of big losses. In case you are an experienced gamer, you must already be licking your lips in anticipation. The awesome RTP combined with the three Free Spin variants are sure to keep you happy for hours. For both types of players, it is a strong yes recommendation from us for the Power of Gods: The Pantheon.