NRG Sound

NRG Sound is a video slot casino game created by FuGaSo. The casino and gambling giant has created several games which have created a huge fan following. NRG Sound too has its expectations based upon FuGaSo’s reputation.

NRG Sound came out in 2018, and in a very short time, has become a player favorite slot by several online gamblers. The FuGaSo game features the standard 5 reels along with 20 paylines and 3 rows. This structure is a common sample size of every FuGaSo game.

NRG Sound allows its players to make bets ranging from 1-10 chips. Along with that, the rate for every coin can be no less than 0.01 and no more than 1.

NRG Sound features some fancy elements which are sought and fancied by all the players. These are multipliers, progressive jackpots, wild scatters etc., and this game houses them all. NRG Sound also has a good RTP rate.

NRG Sound is compatible with all the operating software. So, be it windows, android or iOS, the game will run smoothly on all. Along with that, it will also be compatible with electronic devices like smartphones, tablets, PCs and much more.

With a medium variance and a good pay-out up for grabs, NRG Sound is quite a good casino slot game. Read along for a detailed review with all of its little tweaks and creaks.


NRG Sound – RTP and Maximum Win

Now onto the section which is most valued by multiple players i.e. the RTP. The Return to Player factor of NRG Sound is 96.98%. It is pretty decent considering the other bonus elements in this game.

The maximum win of a player can go as high as 150,000, which is astounding. FuGaSo has given itself out in this particular game. NRG Sound also houses interesting bonus features like Bonus wheel, expanding wilds, scatter symbols, free spins, re-spins and what not! So, in a nutshell, these factors are thoroughly considered by FuGaSo.


NRG Sound Symbols

NRG Sound bears some staple symbols in its slot reel. These symbols are A, Q, J, K and 10. While these symbols hold a lower value but the other symbols like Headphones, DJ, Ball etc. have a higher significance.

For instance, if the symbol K appears 5 times in the reel then you may get a payout of 300 coins. Similarly, a combination of these different symbols will give you a different payout. A is the second highest symbol among the standard symbols. Having A appear 5 times will give you a pay-out amount of 125 coins.

Now onto the unique symbols, a dancing yellow jock as a symbol has the biggest payout. If it appears for 5 times in the slot reel then you can avail an amount of whopping 750 coins. Next, the red DJ and the pink jockey have the biggest payout. Following which, there are the white headphones and the black mic.

NRG Sound has around 20 winning betlines with interesting combos. You are sure to strike a good deal if you are in luck.


NRG Sound Bonus

NRG Sound is a hub of bonuses, wilds, and much more. So to enlighten our eager beavers about the many bonuses of this game, read along.

  • Free Spins: NRG Sound offers free-spins to its players and this feature goes by the name “Encore Free Spins”. Encore free spins trigger a spree of free spins which will render 10 free spins to its players.

You cannot trigger further free spins while already running on a free spin round. During Encore free spins, the DJ symbol will appear on reel 2/3/4.

  • Wild Symbol: The Wild symbol of NRG Sound can appear anytime on the reel. The wild symbol will act as a substitute for all the other symbols except the bonus symbols. The expanding wild symbols can also substitute the highest winning combo on the betting line. However, this symbol will not substitute the acoustic destruction wild.

Acoustic Destruction Wild is also a wild symbol which acts solely. If this wild is active, then no other bonus can be triggered. Other similar wild symbols are DJ Spins, Blick Multiplier etc.

  • Bonus Wheel: This game also features a Bonus Wheel which can be triggered randomly. Some other bonuses are Hit-Pleaser Bonus round and the Jackpot.


NRG Sound is a plentiful game which has a lot in store for its players. FuGaSo has landed safely on its pre-established reputation with NRG Sound. NRG Sound has a medium to low variance so players can tread as they like. And it has an RTP of 96.98% which is good considering the comparative values in the market. You can obtain a hefty payout of 150000 coins in this game as this is the highest payout. So, all in all, this game is entertaining with quirky symbols, fun-filled bonuses, and an interesting gameplay.