Moirai Blaze

Moirai Blaze is created by Iron Dog Studio and is an unusual slot with a 7x7 grid. Moirai Blaze features a futuristic theme which premises the famous folklore of an Indian festival called Diwali.

Diwali is also known as the festival of lights and celebrates the goddess of wealth- Goddess Lakshmi. Diwali is believed to celebrate wealth, the triumph of truth, bravery, and happiness. Moirai Blaze emulates this amazing festival in a fruitful way as it offers special symbols which give out bonuses and multipliers.

In the visual department Moirai Blaze does exceedingly well given its graphics, stellar soundtrack, and tight gameplay. The reels emulate a vision of colorful lights including pink, purple, orange, yellow and green. The 7x7 grid requires 5 or more symbols to form a winning combination.


Moirai Blaze – RTP and Maximum Win

The celebration of colors and lights that game offers is a visual treat. To play this amazing game, players can pick their wagers prize ranging from 20p to £150 per spin. The minimum coin size that a player has to adhere to is 0.2, while the highest coin size cannot exceed 100.

Moirai Blaze is a game with a medium variance which can sometimes go high as well. The level of variance proves how profitable the game can be and Moirai Blaze is definitely very lucrative for players. The game offers a very humongous jackpot which gives out a reward of whopping 200,000 coins. The Return to Player of the game stays at 96%.

Main strengths of the game include the feature re-trigger-able extra spins, various betting combinations, and smooth functioning. All these elements result in the players having a sizeable jackpot prize.

Needless to say, the game is also built in such a way that allows it to be run on several devices and operating software. Players can enjoy this game on their Windows PC as well as their iPhone or Android smartphone.


Moirai Blaze Symbols

This game is a delight to the senses; players will just adore the graphics and soundtrack used in this game. This slot is something that we have not witnessed before and for this, we’re thankful to Iron Dog Studios.

The entire package of this game is well filled with animations, actions, bonuses and what not.

As mentioned previously, the slot is a rainbow in its self. It has a spectrum of colors ranging from pinks to blues. Slots usually have symbols which range from the usual alpha-numerical which are the low-value ones to the slots own symbol which are high-value ones.

However, Moirai Blaze is just a house filled with symbols which look alike but are just different in colors. These entire symbols look like glowing orbs and each of them has their own significance.

The aim in the game is to have symbols of the same kind form a cluster. Since the grid is 7X7 the opportunities are high and so are the stakes.


Moirai Blaze Bonus

Moirai Blaze has some really smart and interesting features to unfold.

  • Wild: Like every other slot, Moirai Blaze features a wild bonus. The wild bonus is represented by the wild symbol which acts as substitutes for all other symbols so as to help players in creating a high winning combo.
  • Expanding Wild: Surprisingly, along with wild the slot even has an expanding wild feature. The symbol which denoted the expanding wild pops up upon the top position on any reel and it then fills out the complete reel.
  • Special Symbols: A relatively new feature which Moirai Blaze has incorporated is the use of special symbols. These symbols come in handy when the players stay on a winning streak. Read about them below:
  • 25 tumbles = Explorer symbol

The use of this symbol is to have all symbols cross in a diagonal shape to reveal a winning combo.

  • 50 tumbles = Replacer symbol

The use of this is to substitute this all symbols of a certain color in a diagonal shape.

  • 75 tumbles= Free Spins feature
  • Free Spins: As mentioned above that 75 tumbles result in the activation in the free spin feature. In this feature, the players will witness a majestic reunion between Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Vishnu. Lord Vishnu is known as one of the major Hindu deities and hence this imagery is spectacular.

At this, players can expect 15 free spins along with a multiplier.



Moirai Blaze is unique a grid slot which offers something we have never witnessed before. We sure adored the graphics and the distinctiveness of this game.

The slot by Iron Dog Studios offered some really big wins while we played and getting multipliers was not rocket science. The Variance is medium and so is the volatility of the game. The maximum win is really high and the bonuses are aplenty.