Mild Rockers

The word ‘mild’ in this slot’s name is as candid as it can get. The taste of rock music in the visuals and audio of this Lightning Box Games offering is mild at best. The theme is a rock concert, for sure, and the most prominent color is purple. There are combinations galore possible, with as many as 6 reels and 80 paylines in this slot.
The 6 reels are laid out in a rather unusual combination of 3x4x5x5x4x3. You can access this slot from home using any device like a laptop, tablet or smartphone. The game keeps the casino feel intact, though, and a dash of nostalgia as well. The rock concert forms the primary backdrop, but the characters have an anime look.


Mild Rockers – RTP and Maximum Win

The RTP is not one of the strongest features of this slot. You can look forward to an average return to player rate of 95.57% in Mild Rockers. The smallest bet amount is 50p for this game, which is a tad higher than many others. But the 1400 time largest possible payout does soften the deal a bit. That said, the most attractive feature of this slot is the bonus features. If you are fine with the volatility of this slot, then it gives you enough reasons to be happy.


Mild Rockers Symbols

If you have been a groupie or just a fan of rock music, you will find every symbol familiar. Drums and guitars are standard images for any rock band. They are present here as well. The swaying crowds are an integral part of any performance. This image is captured in one symbol. Here are the symbols you can expect:

  • Drum kit
  • Keyboard
  • Guitarist
  • Silhouettes
  • Card Symbols, which are King, Queen, Jack, and Ace

We spoke earlier about the color purple being a recurring theme on this slot. The Wild symbol of this game is also bathed in purple. It features a female rock star who has purple hair and a shiny, black, leather ensemble costume. This Rock Chick acts as the Wild symbol of this game. This Wild symbol, whenever a winning combination needs to be formed, can substitute other symbols. Another interesting feature shows up when you strike a winning combination. The singer would slide across your screen to the accompaniment of suitable music.

There are only two symbols on which this does not apply. There are the Bonus Lips and the +1 Encore Lips. These Lips symbols are like the Scatters of this game, and they open the doors for the bonus rounds and extra rewards. In musical performances, this word is used to exhort the performer to repeat a particular performance. In this game, it stands for the concept of a free spin. Or just a way of saying, ‘ok spin again, we won’t charge you money for it’.


Mild Rockers Bonus

Like we explained above, the Lips and Encore Scatter symbols in this game set off the bonus rounds and rewards. You can stand to win free games and free spins. The +1 Encore Lips symbol provides Encore Spins or repeat spins. When the Encore Spins feature is one, the player can get up to a maximum of 48 extra spins. Like we said earlier, these encore spins can potentially give you as much as 1400 times your wager amount. The bonus rounds get activated once 3 or more Bonus Lip symbols occur in a row.

Let us start off with the Free Spins feature first. When you land those 3 lips in a line, you become eligible. You get as many as 8 free spins during which the Wild can be suitably compensated if it helps form a combo. While this feature is on, you will notice the +1 Encore Lips symbols also appearing. On each of the 8 Free Spins, there is a maximum of 6 Encore Spins that can be won. This means that you can stand to win as many as 48 free spins. As soon as each free spin gets over, the Encore free spin begins.

There is one more interesting feature in this game. It is the profitable transformation of the Mild Rocker symbol into the Wild Rocker symbol. Additionally, the Wild Rocker also has the ability to become stacked, increasing your returns even more.



With 2 bonus rounds and a 1400x jackpot, the comparatively lower RTP doesn’t really bother game players too much. The music and the graphics are part of the attraction too. Rock music enthusiasts will surely love the vibe in this game. The high number of paylines and the floating reel set make the game interesting as well. Do not expect a very complete storyboard on this one, and be prepared for the medium volatility, sometimes going on to high. Other than that, it is all good.