Magic Stars 3

There isn’t any objection in the fact that the beauty of the universe amazes every single person breathing on it. The complexity and elegance of the entire creation of the Almighty are just remarkable. Keeping the same in mind, Wazdan introduced a new sequel of the beautiful slot game Magic Stars as Magic Stars 3.

The game features the components of the universe and the stars of course. It is built upon the concept of stargazing and appreciating what the entire creation has to offer to us. The game has total 3 and 5 reels and paylines respectively. It is an adorable game with decent winning opportunities. Thus, sit back and relax while playing this soothing slot game.


Play Magic Stars 3

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Magic Stars 3 Symbols

As the name suggests, the game revolves around the universe and its components. Hence, when talking about the symbols that might be used in the game, the first thought that comes to the mind is stars of course, which are surely some of the main symbols you’ll be looking around for.

The symbols that you’ll come across in the game include stars of multiple colors on a backdrop of a beautiful night sky. You’ll be able to experience all those dark and gloomy shades of the night sky right behind your reels making it all the way more beautiful and attractive.

The lowest paying stars are the ones who are less bright and sparkly. These include a dark greenish star, a deep red star, a light blue star, and an orange star. The high paying stars, on the other hand, might have some common colors as well, but the look of the star will differentiate it from the other one. They are present in light green color, bright red color, shiny multi-layered blue color, and a glowing bright yellow color. All of these hold more value than the other ones.

Apart from these, the wild symbol can be spotted on a multicolored star with wild popping up bright on it. Two mysterious globe symbols are also present for the double win feature.


Magic Stars 3 Bonus

The game offers a number of interesting bonus features which are mentioned below:

  • Wild:

The feature gets triggered if you land up with three or more than three wild symbols on your gaming screen. The symbol acts as a substitute for any other symbol present on the screen which can form a winning combination. This helps in giving you some amazing boost in your bankroll.

  • Double the win:

The game offers an interesting feature called the gamble feature. This starts when you’ll see a globe like symbol on your screen either red or green in color. Here you can double your winnings if you select the right set of stars for your gamble. But if your selected star turns into waste you’ll get nothing. In this feature up to 7 times, the total stake value can be increased.

  • Volatility:

A unique feature that sets Magic Stars 3 apart from the previous sequels that were introduced is its volatility feature. There are three different levels of this feature namely Low, Standard, and High. The low volatility feature gives out low payouts but quite frequently. The standard one whereas, keeps a balance between the high paying and the low paying levels, thus providing a mixture of both. The high volatility level similarly is the one that provides maximum payouts but not very frequently. Hence, you have to work down on your game plan and finalize what you want to go ahead with before you start playing the game.



The game has an outstanding graphics display and a detailed gaming experience in stock to mesmerize the players. It has no extremely “wow” factor but is definitely justifying the need and beauty of the relaxing and breathtaking night sky scenes.

The features of the game are surely not very common, which makes it stand apart from the rest as mentioned before also. It is easy to understand and is compatible with the common devices used for playing online slot games. It has numerous other interesting feature like split screen, energy saving mode (saves almost 41% battery wastage), and even a light version for hassle-free playing. Overall, it is definitely recommended for a relaxing decent game of slot machine.