Lost Temple

Lightning Box brings us another winner with Lost Temple. It is set in the backdrop of an old civilization. A jungle full of ancient symbols and dangerous critters awaits you here when you begin this game. You can play this on all types of devices and begin your journey to find the Lost Temple. This adventure-based slot game has 5 reels and 1024 ways of winning. All of these 1024 paylines are fixed. The fun starts from 40p per spin and has several features to keep you glued. You get a scrolled map on the screen to help you find your way. There is also a compass/spin button to guide you. So put on your sola hats and let us jump into the jungle.


Lost Temple – RTP and Maximum Win

You can select your coin level for each bet. The fun starts at 0.02 and goes up to 1. The great thing about this game is the assured wins it promises. How does that work? Well, the promise of goodies here is irrespective of your bet value or the chosen multiplier. You get a fixed 40 credits per bet! No wonder, then, that the RTP (average returns expected to a player) of this game is as high as 97%. Probably that is the reason why the maximum bet in this game is as high as £200. Apart from the regular wins, multipliers, and free spins, this game also has a conventional jackpot round. This provides the single maximum win of 10000 coins.


Lost Temple Symbols

You can expect history, architecture, zoology, and botany - all to be packed into one exciting package when you play this game. All this comes along with the thrill of passing through a dense and dangerous jungle. The picture you get from these lines is brought alive by these symbols:

  1. Playing card symbols – Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10
  2. Gems
  3. Gold Coins
  4. Snakes
  5. Scorpions
  6. Treasure Chests

Apart from these symbols, the game also features two special symbols. These are referred to as the Wild and the Scatter. Both these symbols have their own special characteristics. This sets them apart from the standard symbols listed above. When you draw the Wild or the Scatter singly or in multiples, you can look forward to happy news. The details are given below.

A blonde woman’s image acts as the Wild symbol for this game. She is probably an adventurer or a Tourist who has come to look for the Lost Temple. The Wild symbol doesn’t offer any payout by itself. Its value for the player lies elsewhere. It can be used as a substitute for any other symbol. This becomes useful when a single symbol is a stumbling block in forming a winning combination. You can replace it with a Wild and reach your wins. This replacement can be done for all regular symbols, but not the Scatter.

Speaking of the Scatter, this is one sore point we have with the game developers. The Scatter for this game is just a bonus symbol, unlike the coins or scorpions or other images we spoke of earlier. The utility of the Scatter symbol, therefore, is pretty apparent. It is used to trigger the bonus round.


Lost Temple Bonus

Some of the regular symbols themselves carry attractive riches. For example, if you get 5 treasure chests on all 5 reels, then you can pocket a cool 1000x. The paytable contains details of all such returns. But the Scatter is the one that triggers an interesting bonus feature called the Hold N Spin.

The Hold N Spin feature begins when you land 3 Scatter symbols on any of the five reels. Those Scatters then get locked in place. That is the ‘Hold’ part of the Hold N Spin name. The remaining reels can be then spun by you 3 times. If any of those is again a Scatter, then it too gets locked and grants you 3 more spins. This goes on till the Scatter features on all 5 reels. That starts the Temple Steps bonus feature.

This shows the player a pyramid structure made up of squares. You have to choose any square in the lowest row of the pyramid. If it reveals a green arrow, then you can move to the next higher row. The aim is to keep on moving up the rows. The higher you go, the more free spins and multipliers you get. You keep doing this till you reach a red arrow instead of a green one. The highest win possible at the top is an 8x multiplier and 12 free spins.



Don’t look for a futuristic storyline or zany graphics. This is a humble game with moderately sharp graphics. But smart players know that the RTP and the bonus features are what make a game good. And this game has plenty of those.