Knockout is a popular slot game and is a creation of FuGaSo. Knockout is a classic reel style game which has its aesthetics derived from a wrestling/boxing match. The FuGaSo creation is perfect for boxing fanatics who also love a little gambling action on the side. Knockout bears a reel of 4 rows along 5 reels and 40 win lines. The ultimate fight-meets-gambling casino game has 3D graphics which brings out the visuals of this game beautifully.

Knockout has a simple motto - Kick your opponents and win while rejoicing in this fun-filled activity. Knockout is a game which is compatible with your Android devices as well as the iOS software. You can run it on your smartphone, your tablet or your PC. Knockout also houses a ton of interesting bonuses which are worth witnessing. Players love this game for its great ‘Return to Player’ percentage which is 96.5% approximately. They also adore Knockout for its intriguing features and rewards.

Play Knockout online

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Knockout Symbols

Knockout is a boxing-inspired casino game which looks like it came out of the modern day Mortal Kombat. So naturally, knockout adorns the various features one can witness in a boxing match.

The game of Knockout has two main characters. These are two fighters which seem to be facing each other as if opposing each other on the battle ring. Other characters include a referee as a boxing match is incomplete without a pacifying referee. It also includes a girl raising a sign, a fan and the various sports gears of boxing.

All of these symbols appear in vertical slacks which are present at the reels. These symbols form combinations which can be read in the general rules.

So, these symbols are the standard symbols of Knockout. The FuGaSo game also houses some special symbols along with the standard ones. These include a wild symbol which is imaged at the central reel. When this symbol appears it replaces all the other symbols and elements present in the combination. While some features like the fighters provide advanced capabilities to the player. For instance, if the fighter appears at three cells upon the 2nd reel, and along with him, another one appears at the 4th reel, the free spin gets triggered.

All the symbol-related information can be read from the pay-table, so this will help the players.


Knockout Bonus

Knockout is one of those games that give away good bonus features to its players. So to say, knockout has ample opportunities to help players increase their play out. FuGaSo, in itself, creates good bonus features that have created its popularity. Let’s witness the bonuses in Knockout:

  • Wild: This symbol, as mentioned before forms an important part of the bonus department of Knockout. When ‘wild’ appears it can become the match for all the remaining symbols in the slot.
  • Fighters: These symbols appear at 3 rows high. In case the pop up on complete view and the reel 4th and 2nd then you can play the bonus round. This bonus round has been added to the Knockout slot. The Bonus rounds give you 10 extra spins to play with, how amazing!
  • Stacked Wild: These symbols are much like 'fighters'. They also appear at 3 rows high. These symbols depict the existing bonus game at the position of the 3rd reel. In case this symbol appears in a complete view then you are granted with 2 extra spins. This bonus feature is a true blessing.

The Knockout game contains another noteworthy and exciting feature. The fighter symbols can break the reels in a random cluster of symbols. These broken symbols or icons can then turn into new icons. This feature can bless your reel at random. So be on the lookout for it.



Knockout is a very good slot game featuring boxing aesthetics by FuGaSo. It is a fun game that can give you a real shot at getting a good payout. You can play this game at your device of choice, without any registrations or hassle.

Knockout has really vibrant and popped-up graphics thanks to its 3D design. It has great bonuses which can be exciting for many players. And as we have already mentioned, it has a good RTP rate of 96%. We rate this game an 8/10 for its innovation, fun bonuses, and the overall gameplay.