King Kong Island of Skull Mountain

For the better part of the last century, the character of the giant ape called King Kong has held us in thrall. It was in 1933 that the first King Kong movie hit theatres. Since then more than one movie has been made with the same theme. The same theme has now become the inspiration for the slot game brought to you by Amaya Gaming – King Kong: Island of Skull Mountain.

There are five reels in this thrilling game, and you have 243 unique ways to win. But the 243 ways are not linked to a traditional payline architecture that most games have. On the two ends of the screen, you will see two carved pillars. Between these two extremities are held all the reels.


King Kong Island of Skull Mountain – RTP and Maximum Win

For scoring winning combinations, you need to get matching symbols on adjacent positions. Also, the payline needs to move from left to right. The average returns to player (RTP) of this game hover around the 96% mark, which is pretty handsome. You can start playing with a coin denomination of 0.01, and the largest coin size is 0.25. On each line, you can play with at least 25 and at most 125. The biggest jackpot available is of 500 times the wager amount. The comparatively higher RTP is balanced out a bit by the lower number of bonus features. So consistently winning reasonable amounts is more important (and possible) here than scoring big shots once in a while.


King Kong Island of Skull Mountain Symbols

To understand and recognize the symbols, you need to have watched the movies earlier. If you haven’t, then here is a quick primer. Carl Denham is a fictional character who aims to bring King Kong to New York. He is accompanied by his wife Ann Darrow, another fictional character. The third traveler on this expedition was an old friend of Denham. He is the multilingual and well-traveled Captain Englehorn. The Skull Island where they go to is a dangerous place. It is the natural habitat of King Kong. Additionally, like any remote island, it is infested with all manner of birds and beasts, many of them dangerous. Let us look at the symbols now.

The lowest values of all the symbols are reserved for the card symbols. Above them, you get the other familiar icons from the King Kong saga, which provide increasingly higher returns. Here is an indicative list of the symbols you will be playing with:

  • The number and alphabet symbols
  • Card symbols – 10, jack, queen, king, and ace
  • A character from King Kong – Ann Darrow
  • A character from King Kong – Englehorn
  • A character from King Kong – Carl Denham

The eponymous symbol of King Kong is the Wild symbol in this slot. You will find it in the last four reels of the game. You can use the King Kong Wild symbol to take the place of any other symbol if it allows you to make a winning combination. The other special symbol is the Scatter symbol represented by the entrance gate. When you get a series of Scatter symbols on your reels, it is the precursor of better things to come. The Scatter is also the only symbol that can’t be substituted by the Wild.


King Kong Island of Skull Mountain Bonus

This is one of the less impressive aspects of King Kong Island of Skull Mountain. There is only one bonus feature in this game, called the Gate Bonus. Before going into that, let us look at what the paytable says for the wins you can notch up. When 3, 4 or 5 of your symbols are identical, you are eligible for 1000 coins payout. Captain Englehorn occurring consecutively gives you 1250 coins. Similarly, for the explorer and his wife, you get 2000 coins and 1500 coins respectively. The best rewards are reserved for the King Symbol which can reward you with 2500 coins.

Now for the Gate Bonus. How it operates is by getting activated whenever the gate symbol is seen. Whenever this Scatter symbol appears on a reel, it gets changed into any one of the other symbols in such a way that a winning combination is completed. This enables you to get a much better payout than what you would normally get without the Scatter transformation.



Players, who play many other slots and then come to play King Kong Island of Skull Mountain, feel a little disoriented at first. They keep waiting for some bonus rewards but then realize that the Gate Bonus is the only one. Once you have reconciled to this fact, the rest of the game is quite interesting. The periodic returns and the tropical look and feel make this an interesting journey. The music and also the history of the icons make this an immersive experience for sure.