King Kong Cash

King Kong Cash is an interesting 20-payline slot game developed by Blueprint Gaming. The adventurous game was launched in the year 2016. King Kong Cash is based on the Donkey Kong computer game. It consists of several variations and spinoffs. The game has very little to do with its title King Kong despite the fact what the name appears to suggesting. In the game, you will find Gorilla as the lead character and he appears to be resting just next to your reels. The gorilla wakes up casually and gives your one of your four bonuses that may impact your spins. You can play the game on almost all the devices from 20p per spin. You are offered 9 bonus features when you will be taken to the jungle.


King Kong Cash - RTP and Maximum Win

King Kong Cash offers you a good RTP rate of 95.80 percent. This has emerged as the level of some classic slot game. You will never feel as if the payout is less. All you have to do is just trigger those essential bonus features at a consistent pace. If you are keen to mint huge money on King Kong Cash, you will need to register bigger and stronger victories. As the game offers massive big wins and bonus features to activate, you will be able to achieve mega victory swiftly. The slot game is entirely laden with features and bonuses. You will be able to gather better prizes the moment in-game wilds begin o surface. In case you witness 5 wilds on the reels, you will receive 500 credits. And, if you make that lucky spin by using extreme wager in King Kong Cash, you may earn approximately1000 times the bet made.


King Kong cash Symbols

In King Kong Cash game, there is no dearth of symbols flying by as you begin spinning the reels. You may feel that the monkey will be offering you maximum returns, but that’s not right. It is the King Kong Cash symbol that will yield an award of approximately 500 coins for five matches through a payline.

And, you may have the notion that waking the giant monkey from his slumber may prove wrong. But, it is just the reverse in the King Kong Cash game. The moment the sleeping giant monkey wakes up from his sleep, you will unlock a great bonus. You will notice Banana Canon Wilds shot from Kong’s gun will convert reel symbols into wilds at random. Then the Golden Barrel Super Spins introduces the firing barrels on the reels. It will convert into a similar random symbol and award players with an additional victory.

You will also witness the Spin Streak feature where King Kong strikes the reels with the help of a hammer to activate re-spins. These will last until a winning match is made. And, ultimately there is Bonus Boost where barrels added to the reels will boost your opportunities of unlocking the slot’s key bonus features.


King Kong cash Bonus

Given below are the important features that King Kong Cash offers the game lovers to enjoy and win amazing prizes with:

  • Barrel Blast Feature: You need to collect from the barrels on demonstration to spot three matchings for a multiplier award. The moment you spot 3 golden monkeys, you will receive the jackpot prize or Big Monkey Bonus.
  • King Kong Trail feature: This is a cash trail bonus which is based on a typical Donkey Kong style platform game. You must advance and gather prizes as you move ahead. And, the moment you land the monkey, you will go to the Big Money Bonus feature. If you happened to land a bomb, the game will come to an end.
  • Empire Free spins feature: Here you will be striving hard to mount the Empire state building by gathering Golden Monkeys. You will need to gather Golden Monkeys at each level. Extra spins will get an award at every level and the rounds will get over when the spins are exhausted.
  • Golden Kong Free Spins feature: You can play these free spins on a new 5 reels and 40 payline reel set. You must gather wilds on every free spin. The moment the free spins are ended, you will be awarded with wild super spins. Here all your amassed wilds will be put into play. After every super spin, you must collect a barrel, spot the golden donkey and you can spin once again A bomb will end the feature.



King Kong Cash is fast gaining popularity among game lovers. The game has vast potential to offer an excellent gaming experience. You get to see a visually appealing design and theme. The moment you open the interesting game and play in real money, you will be taken to the middle of the jungle and meet King Kong.  The game has become famous for its amazing set of features. The game offers a profitable jackpot of approximately 1000 times the bet made.