King Chameleon

King Chameleon is a video slot created by Ainsworth Gaming Technology. Ainsworth has outdone itself with this interesting jungle-themed video slot. The game captures the jungle spirit really well and hence Ainsworth offers you a trip to see the King Chameleon.

This interesting game features a structure of 3 rows along with 5 reels. It has a total of 100 paylines and the players can decide on their own.

The backdrop of this game is pretty fascinating with vines intertwined around the reels. The various hues of this game will make you really pleased with the entire backdrop. With all of its sounds, graphics, and quirks, this game is a neat package for players looking for some light-hearted indulgence.


King Chameleon – RTP and Maximum Win

King Chameleon has 100 paylines and players can choose their own payline. The minimum coins per line are one, while the minimum size is 0.01. The coin size can go up to 0.75.

Coming to the RTP, this game has an RTP of 94.18%. This Rate is poorly crafted in this game and serves as a major downside, while the jackpot of this game also disappoints. The maximum win of this game will have a credit of 1,00,000 times more than the payout. This amount is substantial and tries to salvage the other weak factors of this game.


King Chameleon Symbols

King Chameleon is a jungle-premised slot game and thus its entire backdrop is adorned with vivacious colors and flowing vines. The appeal of this game comes with its color palette and the colors worn by the symbols. All the symbols resemble a feel of a jungle. You will find symbols like Lemurs, Toads, Chameleons, Birds, and Tortoise. These cards hold a considerable but there are other cards with a much higher significance. These are A, K, Q, and J and digits 9 and 10. The reels are based in the middle of 2 tribal totems. While the symbols like birds and butterflies give this game an exotic feel.

It is important to know the significance of each of these symbols and what they add up to be. You will learn more about this in the bonus section.


King Chameleon Bonus

King Chameleon has certain interesting bonuses stored for its players. If you don’t want to miss these special antics and know how to trigger them, then stick to your screens and read along:

  • Chameleon: The game is called King Chameleon, thus you would expect less from the symbol of Chameleon in the game. This symbol acts as a substitute. When this symbol pops on the screen, it substitutes all but the tree symbol. The Chameleon can appear anywhere on the reel 3/4/5, so be on the lookout.

The Chameleon icon also performs the function as a sticky wild. This function will be performed at the time of the free spin. At this point, the sticky wild will be held on the board for the next 3 spins.

  • Tree: This symbol again holds good value in King Chameleon. If you want to avail the magical abilities of Tree, you need to land 2 of these symbols anywhere on the screen. Once you do that, you need to play the bonus round.

You will get 8 free spins, thanks to the tree. So you can maximize your wins using other symbols. There is a special offer, if you land tree symbol on reel 1/2, you can attain 5 more spins.

  • Golden Chameleon: Golden Chameleon is a wild multiplier which appears on the third reel and appears only at the time of a bonus round. When the golden chameleon appears on the reels, it will remain constant for the next 4 spins. In every consecutive spin, the multiplier extends one-fold and can grow up to 5x. So, the golden chameleon will increase the value of your prize or pay-out with every progressive spin. This is one of the most lucrative bonuses of this game. Besides this, the game doesn’t have much of a bonus to offer.

These are a few bonuses that you will find in this game of Chameleons and jungle life. There are not as plentiful as one would hope for but it is decent enough.



King Chameleon has everything a decent video slot game usually offers. It has really bang-on backdrop and graphics. As a player, you’re in it for a good time, no doubt in that. However, with software developers like Ainsworth, you can’t help but expect more. This game lacks substantially in the jackpot, RTP and maximum win section. While the bonuses are decent, the game needs serious improvement in providing more options to players for expanding their wins. All in all, this game is entertaining but there are far more interesting and lucrative games in the online casino universe.