Jungle Monkeys

Jungle Monkeys is a video slot game set in a backdrop of a tropical rainforest. The game is a creation of the giant software developer ‘Ainsworth’. Jungle Monkeys observes a slot game with 5 reels along with paylines up to 100.

Ainsworth is an Australian software developer company and is known for creating bonus-centric slot games. Much like its other creations, Jungle Monkeys also features several bonuses including stack wilds and free spins as high as 25 in a go.

The game is relatively plain in visuals as well as gameplay. That doesn’t necessarily mean that the game lacks quality but simply has some more additions to do. It has lush green reels which for starters are very pleasing to witness.


Jungle Monkeys – RTP and Maximum Win

Jungle Monkeys has a good hold over all the bonuses it offers its players. These bonuses may or may not lead to a good RTP and maximum win.

The minimum coin for every line used by a player is 0.01 while the quantity can go up to a maximum of 1 per line. Jungle Monkeys also has a jackpot which is of 10x times more than the wager.

Now, the Return to Player factor of this game is really low. It is a menial percentage of 94.14%. The developers have really slacked in this department. However, the maximum win of this game is slightly better than the RTP. Players can win a prize of maximum 1,000,000 coins. This is still nowhere near what other games are offering but definitely salvages the low RTP.


Jungle Monkeys Symbols

Jungle Monkeys adorns a theme of a rainforest in the tropical region. The background of this game is well-decorated with lush greenery, flora, and fauna. The aim of the developer of this game was to transport you to the forest while sitting at your computer table.

You will see the reels of this game filled with tropical goodies, coconuts, bananas, and exotic parrots. The theme of this game definitely correlates with the title and also the symbols.

The symbols of Jungle Monkeys are tidbits of a luscious rain forest. You will see symbols like bananas and mangoes. Along with them, you have your regular paying symbols like A, K, 9 etc. The game of course also has high-paying symbols like monkeys which by the way act as wilds; you will read about this below. Other high paying symbol is a barrel.


Jungle Monkeys Bonus

Jungle Monkeys is a creation of Ainsworth, which means that this game is adorned with interesting bonuses. Knowing about these bonuses will help the players improve their gameplay as well as their chances of landing a high payout. Read these bonuses for extra fun:

  • Finding Symbols: The game pays special attention to including prizes which are won by finding certain symbols. For instance, a prize of 10,000 coins may swing your way if you find bananas. While you may be rewarded with a prize of 20,000 coins upon the completion of your search for coconuts. Similar, if not more, is the reward for finding the exotic yet friendly parrots. However, you will strike gold if you find mangoes. As in this game, mangoes are the most favorite treat of monkeys and can get you a prize of 100,000 coins. The best of all is finding Scattered Barrels in a pair of 5 which will amount a whopping prize of 1,000,000 coins.
  • Monkeys: The central theme of this game is monkeys and we all know these notorious animals tend to go wild on occasions (like when devouring their favorite fruit). Monkeys act as wilds in this game and they tend to appear on reels 3/4/5. If they do appear on these reels, they will replace all the symbols and pave the way for more lucrative prizes.
  • Scattered Barrels: If these symbols swing between reels 1/3/5 during free spin sessions then you are in it for a massive treat. As these symbols appear due to scattered barrels and the more they appear the more your free spins will extend. If they appear in a number of 3 then you will land 8 free spins. While, if you get 4 of these you will get 12 free spins. The free spins can go as high as 20 if the appearance of these symbols is 5 times on the reel.

Other than these, there is nothing out of the ordinary in Jungle Monkeys. It is more like a fruit machine with a classic hint and unique visuals. If you get lucky with the bonus round and avail free spins then you can get your hands on some pretty sweet wins.



All in all, Jungle Monkeys is a decent game. Apart from its bonuses, visuals, and gameplay, there are other things to consider. For instance, Jungle Monkeys has a high level of variance which is less than some but more than most, which acts as a caution sign for a player. The high min bet is a risky path for new players and will be one of the reasons why some players will steer clear of this game. The RTP is also low. So, the decision is yours.