Juicy Ninja

There are some things that we have grown accustomed to. When it comes to regions of the world, some countries have a well-accepted association. For South Americas, it could be Aztecs or Incas. China brings visions of tasty food and martial arts. Similarly, the Ninja warrior is an image most people associate with Japan. 1x2 Gaming has used this cliché to bring you a fairly classical slot game called Juicy Ninja. The theme might be Ninja warriors and the backdrop rural Japan, but it is a classic fruit-based slot. It has 5 reels, 3 rows, and 243 different ways of winning. You can play this game on all manner of devices. Let us take a closer look at this rather simple game.


Juicy Ninja – RTP and Maximum Win

The minimum and maximum bet amounts are the first signs of the simplicity of Juicy Ninja. You can start off with as little as 20p. But the maximum bet amount is also limited to £100. The expert players might be a tad disappointed at this figure. But the majority of average players would rejoice. Just like maximum bets, the maximum wins are also a bit muted. You will not get the mammoth 100x or 500x rewards that some other games promise. But you can expect returns of 2x or 7.5x your bet amount every once in a while. In between the medium variance, you do get some bright stars and your winnings could increase dramatically. Overall, we feel the RTP of 96% in Juicy Ninja is much better than several other games. So in its own simple way, it can provide great wins as well.


Juicy Ninja Symbols

The surprising thing about this game is the name. The screen’s background and the music you hear could remind you of Japan, for sure. A traditional Japanese village is depicted in the background. It also has a rather fierce-looking Ninja warrior. But then, that’s about all. Most of the other themes of this game are more reminiscent of classic fruit slots. The symbols you play with are an example. Here are a few symbols you would play with:

  • Cherries
  • Lemons
  • Plums
  • Oranges
  • Strawberries
  • Grapes
  • Melons
  • Golden Bells
  • Lucky Red 7s
  • Throwing Star

In the traditional way of classic slot games, Juicy Ninja doesn’t have any payline structures. The symbols listed above need to be simply matched adjacent to each other, from left to right.

The Japanese icons are much lesser than the juicy fruits. But the few that this game has been more valuable in the context of the game. The throwing star, for example, is the symbol with the best payout. The stylized Ninja face, which looks like a cartoon, is the Wild symbol for this game. You can use this symbol in the place of any other symbol if it helps make a winning combination. Surprisingly this game doesn’t have the traditional kind of ‘bonus’ features. The Ninja Wild is the closest you get to win some bonus rounds. You can get the Ninja Wild only on the last four reels out of the five. At opportune moments, the Ninja Wild expands to fill all the reels, giving you greater returns.

The thing we noticed about the symbols was that they were very clear and attractive looking. That is a good thing for this game because otherwise there are not too many big bang attractions. The game is good for the people who are starting off and do not need too much excitement. Crisp and attractive symbols, simple base game, not too many subplots to understand, and reasonably good returns! This is what the fruity symbols of Juicy Ninja give you.


Juicy Ninja Bonus

Don’t go looking for several layers of bonus games woven into each other in Juicy Ninja. There are no layers at all, and in fact, there are no bonus features at all to speak of. The expanding reels covered by the Ninja Wild are the closest feeling you can get to play a bonus round. This has its good as well as bad sides. People, who are looking to while away their time, and win some money on the side, will find Juicy Ninja a perfect game to slip into. The maximum win and limited symbols, plus the complete lack of bonuses, all point to this. But some players would be disappointed at the lack of bonus rounds. That is why this section of this review doesn’t have anything else to add since there are no bonuses.



Please stay away from Juicy Ninja if you love those big stake slots with multiple levels playing simultaneously, and tons of symbols. No sir, this is a simple fruit-based slot which took on a Ninja flavor half-heartedly as an afterthought. The simplicity pervades all aspects of the game, as the review above tells you. If you are new to the glitzy world of slots, Juicy Ninja is a great way to begin your journey.