Joker Jester

Since ages jokers have been an evergreen source of entertainment. From generations to generations there has been a massive advancement in technological dependability. Despite that, the charisma of jokers or jesters hasn’t reduced till date. NextGen Gaming has thus come up with this forever-loved joker or jester themed slot game.

The game has 5 reels in total along with no less than 20 paylines for you to try your luck in. This game aims at giving the players an outstandingly entertaining experience. There’s nothing to worry about the compatibility of the game if you own either a laptop or a PC or a mobile phone or even a tablet. It can be played easily without any hassles on all of these devices.


Joker Jester - RTP and Maximum Win

Well, this won’t be a surprise for you. As the game holds such lovable theme, the RTP of the game is no less than 96%. The return to player rate of every game plays a very important role in determining the statistics of its popularity. Hence, 96% is impressive proof that players do come back to play this game quite frequently.

The main reason for the same is played by the gameplay, outlook, bonus features, etc. which are outstanding in this. The betting range starts from 0.02 coin and goes up to 4 coins. The maximum win in the denomination of coins is 1000.


Joker Jester Symbols

With the theme of jokers and jesters, all the colorful and playful things start popping up in your mind, isn’t it? Thus, when you enter the game, you’ll witness a bright and multicolored backdrop. Some amazing decorations and cheerful ambiance will undoubtedly leave you in awe. The symbols used in the game are nevertheless quite cheerful.

Well, what do you imagine when you think of jokers? Each object that came in your mind will surely be present on the reels. Just like the other games, this game also has its symbols split into high-value and low-value symbols. The lower symbols are denoted by funky and colorful card representatives starting from a 10 to ace. This means it includes 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace. You can easily spot them in colors like red, blue, yellow, etc. along with some block patterns on them.

The high paying symbols are very easy to remember as they are just two in numbers. One is a cute castle and the other is a beautiful lute. There are numerous special symbols which will help you win some exciting prizes. These include juggling balls, of course, which play the scatter, wild is played by a jester, and egg basket and the barrel help in the bonus trigger.


Joker Jester Bonus

Following are the main bonus features that you will witness in the game:

  • Juggle: This feature gets triggered with the basket of eggs. For doing the same, the symbol should be present on either 1st, 2nd, or 3rd During this feature, you will also witness a jester who’ll be juggling some eggs. You have to keep adding eggs till the time you feel that he can handle juggling them. Then you can avail the multiplier. In case the eggs drop, the game ends. The game has levels, and these levels can be known by the scale present on the right side of the screen. Also, keep a check on golden eggs as they are responsible for increasing multipliers for your prize.
  • Barrel: To initiate this bonus, land the barrel symbol on 3rd, 4th, and 5th You’ll be directed to a basic mini-game. So here, you’ll find multiple barrels lined up. All you have to do is pick these barrels and then unlock the rewards beneath them. The stage continues unless you reveal a jester beneath a barrel that you picked.
  • Jester Wild: This feature occurs on random after a spin. The wild symbol, i.e., the jester moves across the reels leaving more wilds around. Once he stops, new winnings will get calculated. As because new wilds will be present, you’ll get some amazing returns.
  • Gamble: You can easily spot the gamble feature on your gaming screen. It is present right below your reels. You have to play a guess game to try your luck. If you keep guessing the right answers, you can go up to a total of 5 chances. All you have to guess is the color/suit of the card that’ll be drawn in the next chance. If you are right, you have a chance of winning 2x or 4x your total won amount.



Joker Jester is hence an outstanding slot game holding an impressive RTP rate. It promises enjoyable gameplay and also facilitates a cheerful gaming experience. The outlook of the game and the features are undoubtedly delightful. You have a chance of winning quite amazing bonuses which can be easily triggered. It is definitely worth trying your luck on.