Jin Ji Bao Xi Endless Treasures

Jin Ji Bao Xi Endless Treasures is a themed slot game that is developed by WMS Gaming. This game comprises of five reels, three rows and 243 myriads of ways to win the game. The bright and appealing animations and treasures are grabbing the attention of casino players to enjoy this game. The bonus and wild symbols will appear during the base game. The wild symbols in the game can take the place of the other symbols except for the bonus. These symbols will appear on two, three and four reels during the base game.

You can play this game in the casino by betting with real money. The exciting features that are offered in this game are free spins and rewarding wilds. You can also play this game on various reliable online casinos. You will get yellow coins only in the free games and while using the top-up feature. The symbols look like Chinese symbols. You can find six traditional playing card symbols in this game.


Jin Ji Bao Xi Endless Treasures - RTP and Maximum Win

According to the official website, the return to player (RTP) rate of this medium variance slot game is 95.65%, which is one of the reasons behind its popularity. However, the RTP is slightly less compared to the other slot game. Another reason why this slot has become so popular among slot game players in over a year the default maximum win that is up to € 250 000. The minimum amount to bet per spin is 0.08 Euros and the maximum bet amount is 88 Euros.


Jin Ji Bao Xi Endless Treasures Symbols

The game is appealing and stupendous. When you spin the wheel, you come across different symbols. You can find A to 9 card suit symbols on the reel. There are also higher value symbols such as turtles, tigers, phoenix, dragons and koi fish. The dragons come in two different forms. These include – standard and golden. Each animal has the same value. They give the stake of 20 times more on the total bet when you get a five symbol combination. You can see the wild symbol in the base game and also on the reels 2, 3 and 4.

The standard symbols will give you the 5 and 20 times stake. The golden symbols will give you 10 times the total bet when you get three symbols of a kind. The gold symbols also offer bigger payouts. In the gold symbols, dragon award 20, 60 or 250 coins.

You get bonus symbols on the reel 6 times where you can win 6 free spins. These free spins have different gold symbols.


Jin Ji Bao Xi Endless Treasures Bonus

One thing that is pulling the attention of the casino players other than the visually appealing look is a bonus. Following are a few bonuses that you need to know when you are playing Jin Ji Bao Xi Endless Treasures game.

  • Golden chance feature: When you are playing the base game, if you get wild lands on the reel three, there are high chances to turn out to be a golden wild. The golden wilds would substitute turtles, tiger, and phoenix or dragon symbols and pays you as paid for the golden version of the symbol.
  • Fu Value: This is a kind of bonus symbol that is picked from a gamut of Fu values. The value that is picked would get multiplied by the bet per spin that will be displayed on each bonus. The total number of gold symbols that are played by the player would help to find out the eligibility of the Fu value in terms of cash.
  • Top-up feature: When you spin the reel and if you get green or yellow coins, it will hold the rest of the spins. When you spin, if you get yellow coins, it will give you the award of value that is equal to the Fu value, which triggers feature selector. The green coin that appears on the reel during the spin will give you the award that is the total value which is displayed on every bonus. If you get more than one green coin when you spin, you will be awarded each green coin one after the other.
  • Free-game feature: This will award you with 6 free spins when you get 6 bonus symbols in the same spin. During these spins, you can add gold symbols that are additional.



This Chinese slot game has eye-catching visuals, graphics, and exotic symbols and is the wonderful creation of WMS Gaming. This game will keep you occupied for a long time. You can earn a wide variety of bonuses that will add to your bankroll. This surprises you with whopping payouts. This makes you keep the reel-spinning to win in different ways. The bonus features will be in the game very often. The pot builds up and the symbols will turn into gold, thus making the game entertaining all the time.