Jewel Sea

Bringing another beautiful slot game for its players, Future Gaming Solutions (Fugaso) has, this time, emphasized the breathtaking beauty of the underwater creatures and objects. Jewel Sea is the slot game you should be searching for if you are a big fan of the unending and the never failing to surprise aquatic life.

The game has vibrant graphics and interactive and interesting gameplay for the players to enjoy. Keeping the tradition of introducing something different for the players in every game that Fugaso launches, Jewel Sea gives you better chances of winning with its unique feature. It is a 5x3 slot game that has a lot in stock for you.


Play Jewel Sea

Jewel Sea is an easily accessible online slot game which can be played at many uk online casinos, and bCasino is one of them. This game is a creation of Fugaso which lands well on this company’s reputation. Jewel Sea is also available in your regular browser, while it is compatible with all your electronic devices. The graphics of this stunning game will transcend you to an exotic sea bed. The symbols of Jewel Sea just float on the screen while you can see your paylines. The pay-lines will be represented in forms of bubbles.

Jewel Sea has an astounding jackpot which gets triggered with the arrival of the symbols of “treasure chest”. There are several other opportunities to land a bigger payout than your initial stake.


Jewel Sea Symbols

Jewel Sea features several symbols throughout the game. These symbols represent a lot of jackpots, multipliers, and important elements of this slot game. So, it is important for you to understand what each of these does and means.

The symbols are in sync with the theme of sea treasures. These symbols are crown, citrine jewels, emerald, anchor, treasure chest, ship’s wheel, sapphire, and ruby. These symbols are in-keeping and resonate with the backdrop of this game.

  • Treasure Chest:

    The most lucrative symbol is the treasure chest. If you land this symbol, then it means that you’ve landed the biggest payout of this game.

  • Ship’s Wheel:

    Another one of the important symbols is the ships’ wheel. This symbol promises you the second highest payout in the game.

  • Crown:

    Crown symbol of this game acts as a substitute. If this symbol appears, then it means that it can substitute all the rest of the symbols on the reel.

The rest of the symbols, which are the gemstones, do not have a very huge significance. Their combinations, however, add up to many winning combos. These gemstones include emerald, ruby, and sapphire.


Jewel Sea Bonus

Jewel Sea, which is created by Fugaso and can be played at bCasino, has ample opportunities for payouts. The biggest payout which can be accrued from this game is a whopping 50,000 coins. This payout is activated when 5 same symbols appear on the reel. This same symbol should be the treasure chest.

The second highest payout of this game is 25,000 coins. To be able to land these many coins, you, of course, need a bigger stake. But the initial stake is in no comparison with the winning price you will be taking home. Moreover, players will adore the thrill of the chase and hence will keep coming back wanting more.

This game is pretty affordable. A lot of players have access to this entertaining slot game, thanks to its initial cost of 10p. The initial stake begins from 10p and can go as high as 100 per spin. The golden rule applies here too that the higher you bet per spin, the better your returns will become.

The game so to speak features limited symbols on the reels. With this limitation also comes the drawback of limited features. But this game, with its non-progressive jackpot, makes up for the drawback really well.

Two noteworthy features of this game are:

  • Wild: The first feature is the wild. In this feature, the appearance of the crown symbol will substitute for all the rest of the symbols. In a nutshell, this feature facilitates for a standard wild.
  • Free Re-spin: The second one features a free re-spin. This feature can be triggered when the wild symbols appear on the 2/3/4 reel(s). A maximum of 3 spins can be churned from this feature. The best thing about this feature is that you will definitely land a win on each re-spin.

Final Thoughts:

Jewel Sea is a peaceful game with its pleasing aesthetics. This game stands as a relaxing slot machine game. It doesn’t have a high level of variance, so players can take their chances. The design of this game brings about a life-like gameplay. The user interface is pretty good in this game. It has adequate bonuses with a really handsome jackpot. Players will definitely have a great time playing this slot game. Who knows, they might even land a huge payout on their way out.