Jack’s Ride

The popular creator of slot games, Wazdan from Canada, brings you the Jack’s Ride slot game. There are 3 reels and 3 rows in this entertaining slot. You have 27 different ways of winning. The good thing about this slot is that you can choose the volatility you wish to play with. You can also make your own choice regarding the maximum bet amount and also opt for Autoplay option. This means that you can decide your ratio of risk and reward before you begin.

The protagonist is called Jack, and he is accompanied by two svelte ladies. The game will remind you of the cartoons you watch on TV, and the artwork is actually funny. Apart from the graphics, the sound will hold you enthralled. It gives a perfect road trip feel, with the car sounds being very realistic. The storyboard is stripped of all complications, and you can just focus on each round.


Jack's Ride – RTP and Maximum Win

In case you are not confident of the big bets initially, you can start off with as low as €0.1 a pop. Once you have got your bearings and are ready to roll big, you can play a maximum bet of €100. You can choose from among the 3 preset volatility levels of high, standard, and low. This game enjoys an expected return to player (RTP) of 96.40%, which is not among the highest, but enough to keep you interested.


Jack’s Ride Symbols

There are 12 payable symbols in the Jack’s Ride slot game. The protagonist Jack provides the best returns of up to 12 times the bet amount. In keeping with the road trip mood, another one of the symbols is the ‘bar’ sign in flashing neon. This gives half the returns of Jack, though. Another neon lit sign is the one which says ‘Motel’. This provides 5x returns only. Then there is a Cadillac and the hot pink dice, in addition to some other smaller symbols with lower returns. Here is a complete list:

  • Jack – 12 times bet amount
  • Bar Sign – 6 times bet amount
  • Motel Sign – 5 times bet amount
  • Cadillac – 4 times bet amount
  • Pink Colored Dice – 3 times bet amount
  • Fuel Station – twice bet amount
  • Fuel Can – twice bet amount
  • Car license plate – equivalent to stake amount
  • Tire – equivalent to stake amount
  • Traffic Cone – equivalent to stake amount
  • Speed Sign – equivalent to stake amount

You do not get any free spins in this slot game, neither are there any special symbols. But as the list above shows, all is not bad here. The payouts are good enough to ensure that you get substantial returns if you keep on rolling them over for an extended period.


Jack's Ride Bonus

Usually, most slots have some special symbols called Wilds or Scatters. The Jack’s Ride slot doesn’t have these features. There are two additional features you get in this slot game, which are detailed below:

  • Nudge: On most slot games you wish you could give a slight nudge to one or more reels so that the symbols they showed up were more useful to you. The Jack’s Ride slot gives you the chance to do just that with the Nudge feature. This feature will allow one, two, or even three symbols to be reversed back so that you have a chance to get a better winning combination on your reels.
  • Gamble: This can be said to be the substitute for the free spins you get in other slots. This feature can be yours for up to seven consecutive times if you win. It works using Jack and the two women. We told you already that as per the storyboard, Jack is driving along on the highway and he meets the two gorgeous ladies. When you are ready to play for the Gamble, you need to pick which of the two women will go with Jack. If the woman you pick actually goes with Jack then you double your earnings. If she doesn’t choose to go with Jack, then you lose all that you have won so far.



For every line, you need to play a minimum of 1 coin, and you can go up to a maximum of 100 coins per line. There is no jackpot round in this slot. This, combined with the lack of free spins and special symbols like scatter and wild, might sound quite unimpressive. But the handsome returns on most of the symbols makes up for this. That is why you can expect an RTP of 96% and more. You get the convenience of AutoPlay feature on Jack’s Ride. Just sit back and let the rounds be played on your behalf. The cartoon-like characters and symbols are attractive to play with. The graphics and sound add to the fun element in this slot. If you have not played Jack’s Ride yet, we recommend you try your hand once.