Halloween Jack

Slot Review

Halloween Jack is a highly entertaining and spooky creation by NetEnt. This game was released at the perfect time of Halloween with its ghost, mummies, ghoulies, and vampires. This game captures the spirit of the fall season with its pumpkin vibes.

Halloween Jack is premised upon a young girl who discovers an evil Jewellery box which has been cursed from the olden times. The aim is to rid the player of this evil box. To do that, the player has to leash the evil contents of this box. The inability to control the evil will lead the player to perform sinister deeds.

The evil and wicked theme of this game is well complimented with an HD resolution and glossy interface. This game features stunning color resolution with glowing symbols and lifelike characters.

Play Halloween Jack Slot

Halloween Jack is a banger by NetEnt. It can be played widely on several websites. One of these websites is bCasino which also stores a lot of other slot games. Halloween Jack features some spooky symbols like a witch, lucky horse, bird, and bat with some alphabets. These symbols are accompanied by three special bonus symbols. The game is pretty simple to operate with easy-to-understand navigation. The control buttons are evidently present at the bottom of your screen.

Halloween is a very device friendly game which is compatible with almost all the electronic platforms. So, whether it is a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or PC, you can easily access this game anywhere. NetEnt has equipped this game with HTML5 which suggests its compatibility to connect with any and every electronic device.

The developers have made this game very interesting yet simple to understand. Halloween Jack features a 3x5 slot with a fixed betting line of 20.  This game has 10 various levels and 6 coin values which come by default. The bet level per user varies from the stake you’re placing. The coin value, however, will keep ascending as you progress in the game. All the pertaining information of your gaming progress can be viewed in the “?” button.

Halloween Jack Symbols

Halloween Jack captures the spooky spirit of Halloween and hence you will find some really interesting symbols. It tries to emulate the classic English Halloween.

There are a total of 13 symbols. Out of these 13, 10 symbols are pretty standard. These are alphabets A, Q, K, and J. These symbols also include a lucky horse, bird, a witch, a horse, and a bat. How spooky, right? Now onto the 3 special figures - these are scattered, wilds, and lanterns.

The wilds in Halloween Jack are denoted by pumpkins, again, how Halloween-y! These symbols are a pretty staple for the games of these genres. The arrival of wilds indicates that all the rest of the symbols present on the reel will be replaced. This means that your winning combination is close by.

Jack ‘O’ Lector is another notable symbol you must know about. The collection of these lanterns indicates different things. With every multiple of 3, i.e. 3, 6, and 9 lanterns you will witness different surprises.

The rest of the symbols are pretty generic and their combinations lead to a few wins. This is something you will understand when you regularly start playing this slot game.

Halloween Jack Bonus

Halloween Jack is an adequate hub for bonuses. Players get a lot of opportunities to get a bigger pay-out. We have run a lot of game. This game definitely lands amongst the top 50 when it comes to bonuses. Now let’s discuss the various bonuses so that you, as a player, can understand better.

The Walking Wild is the first feature we would like to mention. This feature is definitely more livid and feisty as opposed to the other creations of NetEnt. This feature refers to the scenario where each time a Wild symbol pops on the reel, the player will be granted a re-spin. This feature is accessible throughout the gameplay and can be activated anytime.

Free Spins Bonus is another astounding bonus feature of Halloween Jack. This feature is triggered only when there is a pop of 3 or more “scatter” on the slot reel. With this feature, you get 10 free spins. How amazing! During this time, the players can land some additional free spins to stretch this bonus round evermore.

The betting limits of Halloween Jack are well within reach. This game has 10 bet levels with bet lines of 20 bet lines. You can start this game with a small cost of 20p while the higher end goes up to €100. You can earn a multiplier of up to 6000 more than your stake.


Halloween Jack is smartly designed and makes for a very entertaining slot game. It is commendable how this game takes care of every single detail. It beautifully captures the spirit of the spooky festival.

This game, however, is of high variance so players please tread carefully, but the amount of bonuses and the amazing 6000x more than makes up for it.