Grand Sumo

This video slot from Fugaso Software is a little different from the usual fantasy or superhero themes. It takes its inspiration from the Sumo wrestlers of Japan. Sumo wrestling is one of the oldest sports in the world, and it involves two huge wrestlers pitted against each other. Sumo has been organized as a competitive sport before the 18th century. The main focus of the storyboard, visuals, and graphics is Sumo wrestling. But it also incorporates other aspects of Japan.

When you begin to play the slot, you start off in the middle of the wrestling ring. The symbols associated with the game are all related to Japanese culture in general and Sumo-related icons in particular. You must have played other Oriental genres, but usually, we see more of Chinese or martial arts themes. Whenever we think of Oriental themes for video games, we usually assume it would have some link to martial arts. This too is related to a martial sport, but Sumo is slightly different from the chops and kicks we are used to. You can access the game on either your Android or iPhone handset. The game has been suitably optimized for playing on a mobile phone. You must check out the list of countries from where this game can be accessed.

One of the most unique features of the game is that it offers 720 ways to win. There are 5 reels in this video slot. You can start off with your minimum bet with 0.20 credits. The maximum wager can be of 30 coins. The arrangement of the reels is also another thing that sets this game apart. The shape of the reels resembles a diamond shape. There are three symbol nodes on the reel levels at the outer periphery. The innermost level has four symbol nodes, while the central level has five positions for symbols. The winnings are dependent on the appearance of matching symbols on adjacent reels.


Play Grand Sumo


Because of its attractive features, Grand Sumo has notched up impressive rankings on bcasino. There is a very helpful online casino customer service setup here. You can contact bCasino’s customer support 24x7 by email, phone, or chat. The winnings can be withdrawn in a simple manner, and the turnaround times are quite short. All the games, including Grand Sumo, have been vetted and certified for fairness and also for the security of all financial transactions.


Grand Sumo Symbols

The most common and expected symbols are the Sumo wrestlers, also called rikishi. Each letter of the word SUMO is separately made into a letter symbol. The other Japanese icons which have been made into symbols in this video slot are a cup, a red koi fish, bowls of sushi (raw fish and rice), and also a referee (also called as gyoji). Then there is the hostess, also referred to as a geisha. The rice symbol is one of the most significant symbols in this game. The reason for this is that this symbol also determines the bonus rounds. For that to happen, three or more rice symbols need to occur simultaneously. The incidence of all five reels showing rice symbol results in the biggest payout of 1500 coins in the game.

The symbols of this game are all related to the ancient art of Sumo wrestling. The easy thing is that the bonus rounds get activated as soon as three rice symbols are thrown up in a particular spin.


Grand Sumo Bonus

Earlier in the review, we spoke about the huge number of paylines available in the game. But in comparison, the number of options for the bonus is pretty low. The only saving grace is that the propensity to win something is higher than in most other slots. You can get a round of free spins here, and also a sticky Wild symbol.

What the game lacks in special bonus rounds or rewards is made up in the higher chances of winning due to the better RTP of this game. This means that the potential to win is higher in terms of a number of wins. Other video slots have a bewildering array of bonus offerings, but the returns on those bonus rounds are comparatively lower.



In our opinion, the lilting Oriental music and the Oriental imagery were great attractions for the video slot. The game is very simple to understand and master. The best part about the game storyboard is the lack of layers and sub-plots. There are no conditional rounds that open up in specific situations. You are also not required to know any rules or background of Sumo wrestling before playing this game. There is simply one progressive jackpot, a bonus round, and 5 free spins. In spite of that, the game is attractive because of the high RTP of 96.17% which assures handsome returns to both novices and heavy rolling players.