Gorilla Go Wilder

NextGen Gaming had hit pay dirt with their game Gorilla Go Wild a few years back. This time they are back with the sequel. They have not used a numerical moniker to signify the second coming of the game. They have simply extended the name to Gorilla Go Wilder. The game comes with a highly improved audiovisual experience. You get HD quality graphics, translucent game screen, and a funky Calypso beat using steel drums. There are 5 reels in 3 rows and 25 paylines. Where it breaks out from the crowd is that in one bonus round, this can increase to an astounding 200 paylines. The paytable is similar to the original, but there are many other exciting additions.


Gorilla Go Wilder – RTP and Maximum Win

The game starts from as low as 0.3 coins a spin and goes up to 75 coins. Given the rather high variance of the game, you might have to play for long hours. This is where the Autoplay feature can come in handy. You can set up Autoplay for up to 100 spins. Depending on which bonus you trigger, you could win unbelievable amounts. The details will come shortly, but for now, just keep in mind that the potential maximum win is 37000 times the bet amount! It is no wonder that the RTP of this game goes up to 97.04%. The structure of the game is such, though, that the RTP can vary. If you are not able to unlock the right bonus rounds, you could be looking at an RTP of 92.03% as well. Don’t let this put you off, though. There are so many bonus rounds, that you just need to play for long periods to smoothen the volatility bumps.


Gorilla Go Wilder Symbols

If you have played Gorilla Go Wild, you will know that this game is set in a tropical island. The setting is similar for Gorilla Go Wilder, only better. That is why you get the usual suspects as symbols:

  • Playing card symbols – Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10, and 9
  • Skunk
  • Toucan
  • Monkey
  • Gold Coin

The protagonist of this slot game is the Wild Symbol for the game. He is a gorilla named Gary the blue gorilla. His smiling face can also be seen as a permanent fixture on the screen when you play. When you hit 5 Wild symbols simultaneously on every reel, you hit a 50x return straightaway. Additionally, the Wild can be used as a joker card. You can replace any other symbol with it if that’s what it takes to form a winning sequence. Only the Scatter symbol can’t be thus replaced. Talking of which, let us discuss the Scatter as well.

The Scatter symbol in this game is represented by a nice looking view of a tropical island. It is bound by bamboo decorations on all sides and has the word ‘Bonus’ written across. That is because this is what it does. Since this game has a tropical theme, the bonus rounds are in the form of bonus islands which you visit.


Gorilla Go Wilder Bonus

Let us start off discussing all the bonus islands we just mentioned. These are the 8 different bonus islands you can get:

  1. Island 1 has Tiki Bar
  2. Island 2 has Crystal Cave (available from the 4th trigger)
  3. Island 3 has Green Jungle (available from the 7th trigger)
  4. Island 4 has Waterfall (available from the 10th trigger)
  5. Island 5 has Volcano (available from the 15th trigger)
  6. Island 6 has Spooky Jungle (available from the 20th trigger)
  7. Island 7 has Purple Jungle (available from the 25th trigger)
  8. Island 8 has Sunset Beach (available from the 30th trigger)

Every one of these bonus islands has lucrative features. They are too many to list completely here, but we thought we will bring you a selection of our most favorite one from each of the eight islands:

Tiki Bar – a total of 20 possible free spins

Crystal Cave – a total of 20 possible free spins with mystery symbols

Green Jungle – a total of 20 free spins with expanding wilds

Waterfall – a total of 20 free spins with stacked symbols

Volcano – a total of 20 free spins with paylines extendable to 200

Spooky Jungle – a total of 20 free spins with an option of some symbols turning to wild

Purple Jungle – a total of 10 free spins with 2 wandering wilds and 10x multiplier

Sunset Beach – a total of 10 free spins with possible multipliers from 5x to 25x



It did take us some time to get a complete grasp of the multiple storyboards of this game. This is in spite of having played the original earlier. So if you are playing for the first time, be willing to spend some time playing. An extended playtime is also recommended to take care of this game’s high volatility. Once you do that, you can look forward to handsome wins from good ol’ Gary.