Gonzo’s Quest Slot

Gonzo’s Quest Review

Many argue that the golden age of online slots has long passed, but I don’t necessarily agree with that opinion. In the “good old days” it was quite easy to make a hit game, but these days developers really need their online slots to stand out from the crowd. Gamers are no longer solely interested in the chance to win cash, they are now demanding to be entertained. Of course, mixing excellent gameplay with winnability and cash prizes has always made for a stunning slot. In a world where games like Candy Crush are competing for the attention of casual gamers, “Gonzo’s Quest” continues to set a high standard for online slots.

Core Features of  Gonzo’s Quest

If you are a fan of slot games, then you have probably heard of “Gonzo’s Quest”. It is  not arguably among NetEnt’s most popular games, because it ace’s the developers’ penchant for intuitive gameplay and bonanza prizes. Newcomers will be amazed at how accessible the game is, while hardened online slot players will still enjoy plenty of depth to dive into.

As we are used to with modern video slots, “Gonzo’s Quest” opens with an introductory CGI cinematic that details the story and theme of the game. Spanish conquistadors led by titular Gonzo are hunting for the fabled El Dorado in 16th century South America. Gonzo is hunting for the riches of the lost city and you may be able to get a share of bounty.

While many laugh at this kind of video opening, I will continue to defend them. They have become standard for online slots and “Gonzo’s Quest” offers some slick animation and charming visuals that continue to follow you through the game as you claim big wins. Speaking of animations, I found the general visuals of the game to be impressive. Sticking to the Aztec theme, the rolls of the slot are represented by tumbling stones that fall down and stack on top of each other.

Software: NetEnt Double option: No
RTP: 96.00% Mobile version: Yes
Progressive: No Coin value: £0.01-£1.00
Autoplay: No Bet value: £0.20 – £50
Quick spin: No Max. bet: £50.00
Reels: 5 Free spins: Yes
Paylines: 5 Bonus round: No


Again, in terms of animation this process is all silky smooth. Yes, this is expected for a high-end modern video slot, but it is still something worthy of praise. As for Gonzo himself, he is a fluid character who looks good and never really outstays his welcome. He is not a static character either, he will look around, scratch his beard, and naturally congratulate you for bigger wins.

Gonzo’s Quest Gameplay

I am a sucker for flexibility when it comes to selecting coin value. Thankfully, “Gonzo’s Quest” matched my expectations impressively. It still surprises me when slots limit coin value; it can turn some gamers off by offering a small range of available bets. Luckily, the coin value here is very broad, ranging from as low as one penny and all the way to one pound (£1).

Thanks to this solid value range, users can make bets as low as 20p and as high as £50, depending on how cautious or wild you are feeling. It is worth noting there is a limitation with the low-end 20p bet where you can’t choose to bet on certain paylines. It is a shame, but certainly wasn’t a deal breaker.

However, the negatives do not end there as I found my win rate did not match to the 96% RTP. I was registering between 45% and 50% wins, and these successes were often lower than my initial bid. Look, that’s not to say you cannot win big on “Gonzo’s Quest,” I happen to know it has happened, but this is not a consistent rich-maker. If you have your eyes on mansions and fast cars, you’re better looking to other slots.

Game Symbols

Interestingly, “Gonzo’s Quest” boasts seven symbols instead of the usual 10-12 found on other video slots. Touching again on the visual quality of the game, all these stone symbols look fantastic, with colours that pop from the screen. Aside form the typical Scatter and Wild symbols, the main icons of the game are based on Mayan/Aztec hieroglyphs and are as follows:

  • Bottom three: cartoon-like animal head stones which deliver between 3 and 100 times your bet when stacked.
  • Top Four: Mayan/Aztec-style masks that can earn between 10 and 2500 times the original bet.

Bonuses and Free Spins

One of the things I like most about “Gonzo’s Quest” is that is feels like a solid puzzle game as much as it does a consistently fun online slot. In other words, you may just have an enjoyable time playing this title even if you are not necessarily raking in big wins.

This sense of replay-ability largely comes from the win games. Whenever you score a win, you will activate the bonus level called “Avalanche”. Like familiar tumbling icon puzzle games, tiles are destroyed in Avalanche until the remaining ones fill holes. The resulting combination of tiles brings up another win. Essentially, you’re getting more than one win on a single bet. Want more? Well, each Avalanche also results in a multiplier of up to 5x, so every single spin victory can result in larger wins.

Three scatter symbols (across one payline starting at the left reel) activate the Free Fall mode. As the name sort of suggests, this is the free spin mode of the online slot. This automatically gives you 10 spins, but you could win more with subsequent scatter symbol stacks. Free Fall will also boost the potential multiplier in Avalanche to 15x during the free spins.