Golden Shot

Game Overview

Golden Shot is a FuGaSo creation. It is an online slot game which arrives with a standard 5 reels system along with 3 blocks for each of the reels. Golden Shot features an antic and almost unusual theme with vintage archery vibes.

The FuGaSo game features 20 active lines which remain present and active throughout the game. These numbers remain constant and cannot be altered. However, the stakes can go up to 10 coins. This depends upon the wager which varies from 1 cent to 1 Euro for every line.

Golden Shot, as a game, offers a pretty basic interface and gameplay. However, its wild features and unusual bonuses add value to the game. This game has a different bonus system where you will encounter several free spins, payoffs, and progressive jackpots. Golden Shot is equipped with additional features which make the game worth playing.

In Golden Shot, wins are assessed per bet line. This is calculated by multiplying the set index of different combinations. The indexes may vary from x5 up to x1000. One feature which may startle the players is that Golden Shot does not feature a gambling option. This means that the earned money is sent directly and instantly to the customer’s balance.


Golden Shot – RTP and Maximum Win

According to sources, the RTP of this high variance video slot game is 96.5%. The maximum payout of this Robin Hood-themed slot is 1000:1 and the maximum win is 94750 (in coins).


Golden Shot Symbols

Golden Shot has its symbols resonating with its backdrop. It features symbols of an old man, redhead lady, armor, and sword and so on. This game takes inspiration from the legends of the great Robin Hood.

As you start the game you will be redirected to the shooting gallery. From there, you can see the backdrop which is moving to the Field. The security naps will be present at the side. Many of the symbols are designed to look like a target with various shapes dangling at the reel.

These symbols are mostly ordinary. The ordinary symbols bring about payoffs only when three symbols which are similar get lined up on 20 active lines. These symbols work on one condition which is that they must begin from the left most of the reels. You can attain multiples wins in one go but only when the biggest combo present at every line is considered as a bonus of Golden Shot.

Out of all the ordinary symbols, there is one special symbol. This wild symbol is a joker. When the joker appears, he forms combination by means of replacing the non-forming elements. The wild symbol is only used in the maximal combination of every line. It is also used in certain bonus buttons as well.


Golden Shot Bonus

Golden Shot offers certain interesting bonus options for its players. These bonuses are transported through a transporter which moves the bag on the rightmost side of the reel. As soon as this bag appears above the reel, the players will have access to the bonuses. The very first bonus feature starts when Robin Hood pops up on any cell. After that, the hero shoot and this particular feature are triggered.

Below are some other bonuses:

  • Spreading Wild: This feature enables the wild to expand in every direction from one cell. After the expansions, the payoffs are created on the basis of the combinations.
  • Free Spins: Golden Shot offers free spins which can be triggered at any time. These free spins can be anywhere from 7 to 50.
  • Surprise Bag: Each player gets a surprise bag. In this surprise bag, there can be any offer at random.
  • Jackpots: Golden Shot offers its players to get a progressive jackpot. This jackpot can be triggered at any time during the course of the game.


Golden Shot is a pretty good game by FuGaSo. The game is compatible with all the operating devices along with different electronic devices. It is particularly great for smartphones, as the touchscreen enables a very good interface. This game lacks spectacular or eye-catching graphics. However, it makes up for the shortcoming through other great features. For instance, it has a lot in store for its players. Its diverse bonuses, intriguing features, and an original yet innovative theme are commendable. Its interface also poses as a plus point. However, its primitive control panels and animations bring down some of its points. This game has a medium variance and a decent return to player rate of 96.5%.