Gladiator of Rome

Many of you must be familiar with the amazing movie ‘Gladiator’. This amazing movie was in fact inspired by the gallant arenas of Rome. 1X2 Gaming created an action-packed slot based off the tough yet glorious lives of gladiators. This game commemorates the era of these warriors and emulates the real spirit of Ancient Rome.

All the visuals in this game are relevant to the theme. The background of this game depicts a Coliseum. The slot has a structure of 5 reels against 20 pay-lines. The graphics of this slot are superbly designed, the accompanying music, symbols, and everything add to the game.

Gladiator of Rome is not only visually appeasing but is also packed with bonuses. These bonuses are meant to multiply the wins of the players by many-folds.


Gladiator of Rome – RTP and Maximum Win

The glorious game of Gladiator of Rome can be played using a wager range that lies between 20p and £25 per spin. The higher the wager chosen by the player, the better will be the payout.

The game has 5 reels which employ a minimum of 1 coin per every line and a maximum of 5 coins per line. The coin size in this game ranges between 0.01 and 0.25. The jackpot of this game is laid at 1000 coins which is a very lucrative package for the player.

The Return to Player factor of any game describes how profitable the game is for the player. The RTP of Gladiator of Rome is placed at a good rate of 97.32%. The good RTP of this game can also be explained by the number of bonus features and multipliers present. While we ran this game, we could reach 2x and 3x multipliers.

Gladiator of Rome is a very functional game which can be played upon smartphones, iPhone, PC, and tablets. Different versions of this game are available to be compatible with different devices and operating software.


Gladiator of Rome Symbols

As mentioned, the looks and visual appeal of Gladiator of Rome is rather high. The entire display and backdrop give an ancient feel and looks likes it has been engraved onto a marble. The slot has text featured in a Roman vibe here and there.

Amongst the symbols, the lower value ones which are the classic Ace, Jack, King and Queen seem to be decorated in a Roman flourish. These lower symbols help in forming combinations but not as lucrative on their own.

Amongst the higher value symbols, there is a shield, a Roman soldier, a golden eagle’s emblem, a gladiator, horses and chariot, a sword and of course Caesar.

Caesar is the Roman leader in this game and this symbol is highly lucrative, yielding a reward of 1,000 coins. The gladiator symbol of this game is the second most important and is rather rugged and bare-chested. The gladiator symbols act as the wild in the game.


Gladiator of Rome Bonus

Gladiator of Rome features an awesome RTP of 97% and this RTP is well explained by the few great bonuses that are housed in this game.

  • Wilds: The wild feature in this game is denoted by the rough-looking Gladiator. To trigger this feature, land a pair of gladiators anywhere on the reels. This will create an effect where all the symbols are substituted except the bonus symbols.
  • Free Spins: Free Spin feature is ever loved and it is also a part of the Gladiator of Rome. Free Spins are triggered using the symbol of two gladiators in battle. This symbol only finds its way in the 3rd middle reel. Upon activation of this feature (which happens by landing the symbol on reels 2nd, 3rd, and 4th), the players will get a plethora of free spins which can go as high as 30 free spins.

Along with the free spins, players can expect multiplayers.

  • The first 10 free spins get a multiplier of 1x.
  • The next bunch of 10 free spins, every payout is doubled.
  • The final set of 10 free spins, the multiplier hikes up to 3x.

An additional help that this game provides is that it removes Jack as it is the lowest valued symbol. This helps in creating winning combinations more frequently. Once the free spins are over, trigger any more re-spins is not possible in the same bonus game.

  • Trophies: The game also provides trophies like Golden Eagles which is worth 220x, chariots which are worth 400x, and more.



Gladiator of Rome has a few worthy bonuses which can help the players get a big hit. If the players are in luck, the free spin feature will totally change the game for them. Gladiator of Rome is one of the best Roman-themed slots that we have come across. 1X2 Gaming has created a refreshing slot which features a stunning RTP of 97.32%. The visuals, soundtrack and the whole look of it add as a great selling point. The game is a must-try.