Giant Gems

Next Generation Gaming has been impressing the online slot gamblers over the years. One after another, it has introduced such gems which no other game producer could beat. Can you think of the wonders that the slot with “Gem” in its name will have to offer?

Well, Giant Gems is a 5x3 slot which offers 10 paylines in total. The name of the game is enough to tell about its theme and what you might find in it. It is a slot game packed full of surprises and shiny winnings for the players to enjoy. It can be played on any device that can support an online casino. Hence, all you need is a browser and an internet connection on your device.


Giant Gems - RTP and Maximum Win

Giant Gem is an averagely popular game amongst the gamblers. In reflection of that, the RTP of the game is 93.75%. It is a decent RTP although there are games which have had a better one. There might be a few glitches like the regular symbols which can bring an RTP down. This doesn’t mean that the game is any less entertaining.

The betting range, on the other hand, is £0.10 – £200.00. It has quite a wide range to make the player adjust to his gaming style. The maximum win of the game in a single bet is 250000 coins. Isn’t that jaw-dropping?


Giant Gems Symbols

The name of the game won’t deceive you for sure. Giant Gems is a slot game themed on glowing bright gems. It’s like entering a universe full of colorful precious stones. The backdrop of the reels is a solid black color. Behind that nevertheless, you can see a giant diamond peeping from the top of the reels. The remaining diamond hides behind the reels as they are what mostly covering the game screen. The radiance of the diamond though can be seen surrounding the reels from all sides majorly.

Talking about the symbols of the game, they shine through the dark background. There are both high and low-value symbols. High-value symbols, of course, are the colored gems. These colors include red, purple, green, and blue.

The lower value symbols, on the other hand, are the face values of a deck of cards (Ace, King, Queen, Jack) along with a numerical 10. The game does not have any special symbols to play as wild or scatter. Not to miss, the game has a very cool soundtrack that helps in maintaining the interest of the player.


Giant Gems Bonus

The bonus of the game is very appealing as it gives you a chance to win 500 times your bet. Here’s how:

  • Giant Gems: This is the only bonus of the game which you will encounter. But, this alone is enough to give you the best possible winnings any game could offer.

To initiate this feature, you have to first place your bets. Once you have set the bet and the side bet both, you are ready to hit the fortune spins. Fortune spins button will be right available below the reels. This will help in activating the Giant Gems Bonus. Once the bonus gets activated and the side bets are set, the feature begins. With the increase in the number of your side bets, the number of Giant Gems will also shoot up. This will help in eliminating all of the numbers with a lower value.

You will get the amount won once the 2nd, 3rd, and the 4th reel display one symbol completely. As per the symbol that lands on your reels, your prize will be decided.

  • For landing up with a purple gem, you get 100 times your stake.
  • For landing up with a green gem, you get 200 times your stake.
  • For landing up with a blue gem, you get 300 times your stake.
  • For landing up with a red gem, you get 400 times your stake.
  • For landing up with a light blue gem, you get 500 times your stake.


The determination of the gem that will land on the reels depends upon the slider. Following is how it works:


Bet Placed (Coins) Symbols Removed Gems Added
1 Standard Bet Nil
2 10 Purple
4 10, Jack Purple, Green
6 10, Jack, Queen Purple, Green, Blue
8 10, Jack, Queen, King Purple, Green, Blue, Red
10 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace Purple, Green, Blue, Red, Light Blue

This was thus the main and the only bonus of Giant gems which could help you win 500 times your stake.



The game has an average RTP maybe because it requires a bit of investment. Well, there’s a cost of every good thing. And in this particular slot game, you get some unexpectedly high returns with the minimal investments. It is an interesting slot game and has a lot of excitement to offer to its players.