Fruits of the Nile

Slot Review

Fruits of the Nile is a 5 reel and 5 payline video slot from Playson which combines the most popular design elements drawn from classic slots (often referred to as ‘fruit machines’), and a more exotic adventure element. This interesting combination provides the clean and simple visual layout often associated with classic slot games without being boring or stale. The easy to see fruit symbols allow users to instantly recognise winning combinations and is the ideal slot for casual and beginner online slots players.

Playson understand the appeal of classic slots that are able to generate a higher frequency of wins per spin. However, they clearly believe in stepping the design up a few notches, having increased the standard classic 3 reels, to the more modern 5 reels associated with video slots. The expansion of reels and increase in paylines from just one to also compliments the visual appeal and gameplay provided by the Ancient Egypt theme.


Core Features

Pushing the classic slot structure into video slot territory does not necessarily guarantee that you will automatically get common video slot bonus features such as free spins or bonus games. In Fruits of the Nile, Playson have omitted the standard video slot bonus games and free spins in favour of higher payouts, very useful wilds and scatter symbols. This results in a video slot that offers higher payouts, more frequent wins and a faster gameplay overall.

With just 5 paylines one would automatically assume that Fruits of the Nile would provide meagre winning opportunities. However, thanks to a wide betting range and coin size, the game offers surprisingly high value per spin. Winning up to 5,000 coins on a spin is not uncommon thanks to the possibility of scoring stacked symbol combos. Stacked symbols can appear in multiple positions on the same reel and, it is possible to fill the reels with multiple stacked symbols, resulting in wins of 25,000 coins or more per spin.

While stacked symbols could provide difficulty in creating combinations, Playson ensures regular winnings are accessible by allowing combinations from both ways. Therefore, players need at least 3 of the same symbols to appear adjacent on any line, starting from the first reel or the last. Each of the paylines reward both ways, but only pay the highest reward per line.

The simplistic layout provides payline indicators on other sides of the reels on pillars that relate to the Egyptian theme. Between the indicators, various Egyptian style paintings are on display, which adds some colour to the ancient wall behind the reels. It's easy to spot that the game’s focus is on the reels as red and blue stripes divide the reels, and with the colourful fruit symbols, each spin offers an array of colours as combinations line up the winnings.


Software: Playson Double option: No
RTP: 95.37% Mobile version: No
Progressive: No Coin value: £0.01 - £6.00
Autoplay: Yes Bet value: £0.05 – £30.00
Quick spin: No Max. bet: £30.00
Reels: 5 Free spins: No
Paylines: 5 Bonus round: No


A distinctive user feature found in Playson slots at bCasino is the straightforward and simple betting interface that occupies only a small part of the gaming screen. While this may take some getting used to, particularly for experienced players more accustomed to the player interface found with other slot provider games, the reduced controls allow for a cleaner and less cluttered interface.

Of course all of the key settings and features are within easy reach, allowing users to enjoy standard options including auto play functions, coin and betting options and more. The settings and controls are finished off in bright purple, making them easy to see at a glance and adding more value to the overall aesthetics of the game.



Fruits of the Nile offers easy slots gaming for any player of any playing level and experience. Setting up the ideal bet size before spinning the 5 reels is quick and easy and accomplished by simply toggling between a lower or higher value set of arrows. To make it even quicker, Playson have included a max bet button which will engage all 5 paylines at the maximum bet amount of £30.00.

With just 5 paylines to feed, betting comfortably is within easy reach regardless of bankroll size or betting budgets. Betting values can start from as little as £0.05 per spin, with the lowest coin size of £0.01 assigned to each of the 5 paylines. Increasing the value per payline will take your bet per spin up to £6.00 per line, giving you a total of £30.00 per spin, or the max bet for the game.

Playson provide a great interface when it comes to seeing the rewards on offer based on the bet applied. Simply press the info button to the far left below the reels to access gaming information, bonuses, and the winning values of each symbol. These values update according to the betting amount currently in place, meaning once a player selects a higher or lower bet value, the paytable updates and provides accurate reward information.



Stacked symbols is a popular feature for Playson slots at Bcasino as it provides the opportunity to fill the screen and activate all the paylines for huge winnings. In total, the game offers 9 symbols that include the special wilds and scatters. Regarding standard game symbols, only 7 are available, making it easier to line up stacks and trigger bigger payouts. One of the biggest advantages of a fruit theme is that no high card symbols appear as with bigger multi-line games.

  • Bottom Four: Even as the lower paying symbols, the Cherries, Lemon, Orange, and Plumb still provide impressive opportunities, especially when 5 of a kind appear.


  • Top Four: The scatter star symbols is also a high paying symbol along with the red sevens, watermelon, and grapes.



Special Symbols

Fruits of the Nile is one of those exceptions, a classic style slot with fewer features yet still managing to offer massive winning potential. The fact that Fruits of the Nile forgoes any bonus features or free spins, for a few key symbols that grant easier winnings during the main game should appeal to fans of minimalistic, high value slot games.

These include both wilds and scatter symbols, which are popular on all types of slots. The wilds are a great combination with the stacked symbols as they represent any others in its position, but the scatters. The wilds appear regularly and are depicted by the colourful scarab symbols.

The scatter symbols have the ability to provide winnings when 3 or more appear anywhere on the reels. These show up as the golden stars and offer winnings from 25 coins when 3 appear all the way to 100 coins when 5 appear anywhere.



Fruits of the Nile will appeal to anyone who loves the idea of combining classic slots features such as a simplistic user interface, quick and easy winning combinations and familiar, fun game symbols, with a sleek and modern video slot platform. Playson have created an instant classic that will appeal to experienced slot games that love an easy and entertaining slot, as well as newcomers to online slots gaming. Play Fruits of the Nile at BCasino now, for free or real money now!