Fenix Play Deluxe

One of the most romanticized mythical creatures is the Phoenix bird. It is a bird popularized in Greek mythology which rises from the ashes to be born again. Wazdan has made a clever play on the spelling of this name to come up with their slot offering called Fenix Play Delux. There are high-quality graphics added, and some soothing background music as well. The background and golden border add to the beauty. This is a reasonably traditional game with 3 rows, 3 columns and 5 paylines only. So the player doesn’t need to do too much to understand the game structure. The orthodox nature of the game ends there, though. There are lots of innovations in the game to keep you interested.


Fenix Play Deluxe – RTP and Maximum Win

You can play every round with a bet ranging from 0.1 to 100. In order to win, you just have to line up three identical symbols. No complicated paylines or nuanced conditions are necessary in order to win. This game can be played from any device easily. Like we said, mastering the paytable of this simplistic game won’t be too difficult. If you get the right combination, you could rake in 7500 coins. The RTP of the game does leave a lot to be desired, though. You can expect to get an expected RTP (returns to player) of just 96.44% on Fenix Play Delux. While the number seems to suggest a House advantage of less than 4% but you will need to play for a long time to get sizeable returns.


Fenix Play Deluxe Symbols

Let us spend some time talking about Phoenix, the bird after which the Fenix Play Delux is named. The symbols too are based on the storylines associated with this mythical creature. It has its roots in both Roman and Greek mythology. As per the Greeks, Phoenix was the son of Amyntor and was himself a hero of the Trojan War. The Greeks, however, named the son of Agenor as Phoenix. This Phoenix was a chieftain in the Greek army. He is said to have also been part of the Greek crusades to India.

As a bird, the Phoenix has somehow been part of several other civilizations apart from the Roman and Greek ones. There are many other names it has been referred to. Some of these are Bennu (Egypt), Garuda (India), Zharptitsa (Russia), and many others. The amazing thing about this bird is that it has inspired the places of more than 20 places around the world. There are 11 places in the US with the name Phoenix!

As we said earlier, this game is structured pretty simply. There is not a lot to be learnt and understood. You just need to familiarize yourself with 9 symbols in this game. Some of the familiar symbols of this game are:

  • Fruits of different kinds
  • Bells
  • Stars

Surprisingly, this game doesn’t have the usual structure of Wild symbols and Scatter symbols. You need to make your money by getting winning combinations of three straight symbols. Or you can depend on the bonus features. Let us take a quick look at them.


Fenix Play Deluxe Bonus

The abiding theme of the Phoenix bird is that it rises back from the ashes. The special rounds of the Fenix Play Delux game also play on that theme a little. This is visible in one of the special bonus rounds. This feature is called the Gamble feature. It gets activated as a mini-game within the main game. You see two piles of ashes. They resemble the same ashes pile from which the Phoenix supposedly rose from the dead. The player must choose one pile of ashes among the two. This is in contrast to other games with similar bonus options. There you are usually asked to pick either a black or red suit of cards. If you pick the correct pile, your wins are doubled. The great thing about this feature is that you can do this up to 7 times within the same game. This game has no Wilds, and no Scatters. It doesn’t boast of any free spin features either. There are no other jackpot rounds to speak of. But this Gamble feature alone keeps pulling people back to this game.



If you are a veteran slot player, then you must sometimes wish for an uncomplicated game with not too many layers. If you are a newbie, then obviously you would want to start off with something simple. The Fenix Play Delux fulfills both requirements. That is the reason this game is so popular even with a moderate RTP and almost no special features. The icing on the cake is the option of controlling the variance on this game. The player can select whether he or she wishes to play with low, medium, or high variance. Overall, this is a slot game we really enjoyed playing.