Fear The Zombies

If you do not fear death, you will start feeling now. Fugaso brings to you the Big Daddy of terror globe with its latest video game as Fear the Zombies.


In the medieval ages, people had a strong belief that there were humans in the form of Zombies. They believed that these Zombies existed on the flesh of humans. The phobia was so alarming that the common men thought that the Zombies would take them along with him.

Chronicle of Fear the Zombies

The entire game "Fear of the Zombies" encircles around massive variety of weapons in the form of symbols that can be used to create combinations in the game which would help the player to earn. Nevertheless, the amount that the user will win will completely depend upon the length of the combination that he makes of similar types.

Some of the weapons available in the game are knife, rockets, guns, tinned food etc. Each of these symbols has their specific value and an associated advantage that is triggered upon making certain matches and combinations. In addition to this, there is a first aid box tool kit also available in the game.

As soon as the user logins in into his account, he directed to place his bet that starts with 0.20 and ends up to 50. The range is quite wide for the player to select his desired bet amount.

The game can be played using 5 reels and 20 pay lines. Among these 20 pay lines the gambler can select the number of lines that he wants to keep active during the course of the game.

Apart from this, the display and graphics are smashing and can definitely allure you up to play the game.

One of the key elements of the game is the bonus round that designates you with special bonuses and surprises. Playing the bonus game in the correct manner can end up in furnishing you with exceptional earnings.

Bonus Game

The bonus round of the game offers the player with a possibility to replace all the currently available symbols in the game with the new ones using the tumbling reel. Moreover, the player is granted multipliers of as high value of 5x. Every time you win the round, you are supplied a multiplier of certain value that eventually goes on increasing with every round of game that you win and rise up to 5X.

Besides, the regular earnings that you get during the play, there is an additional Jackpot option that can help you multiply your income by as much as 2500, i.e., Suppose you have 100 credits in your account, winning the Jackpot can elevate your pocket up to 250000. This is definitely the highest payout of the game that is only activated by combining 5 or more rocket launches at the same time in a row.

Huge sum, isn't it? Absolutely, the entire game can make a positive turn. Not only this, the gambler can utilize this gross to place bets with high limits that accounts to greater opportunities and winning possibilities.

Apart from the usual symbols that can be seen in the game such as the knife, guns, launchers etc there are wilds as well as scatters available that can boost your game.

Wilds are present in the game to replace your current icons and can expand up to cover the whole reel. Casing the entire reel further upgrade your existing amount.

As far the scatter symbols are concerned, the player can earn a Scatter by making definite combinations and enable the freebie to get access to free spins.

If you check the display of the game, there are a number of buttons available in the bottom namely, bets, max bet, total coins, coin value etc. Also you have player gets the option to increase or decrease the coin value using '+' and '-' symbols attached to the coin value button.

Not only the concept of the game is stand-out but the illustration is eye catching in itself. The 3 dimensional visions add to the fun and generate a curiosity to play the game.

The game is available for all types of browsers and phones so stop wasting time and join now in the battle to fight against death.