Ever After

Ever After is a very interesting online gambling slot which houses a structure of 5-reels against 243-payline. Ever After is created by NextGen Gaming.

This slot may remind the players of the classic phase ‘happily ever after’. However, this game is no ordinary fairytale love story. Ever After is a fantasy slot which has a very twisty and dark core. The entire game is set against the backdrop of an enchanted forest. This forest is filled with malicious entities but fret not as Faye the Fairy will guide you through it all. As you venture more into the dark forest your wins will get higher.

NextGen has crafted some exciting features in its game for its players to discover like Mirror Magnificent, free games, and much more.


Ever After - RTP and Maximum Win

Ever After is a fascinating slot game which has its amazing quirks. Its backdrop has a very entertaining story. The background along with features, gameplay, and graphics form a very solid base for the game.

The game can be played with a small cost of 10p. Players should know that small wagers accrue smaller wins. However, if they want to go big on the chances of higher payout, then they should wager a bigger amount.

The minimum coin that a player can use per line is 1. The min coin size for every reel is 0.15 and the highest size is 37.5. The flexibility in selection gives a lot of freedom to players to match their budget.

Ever After has an option of jackpot also. If players luck out then they can win a chunky jackpot amount of 1500 coins. This jackpot is better than most however it can be upgraded. The RTP of this game is also good and is placed at 96.53%. The RTP of Ever After explains its lucrative bonuses and features.


Ever After Symbols

Ever After is a medium-variance reel game with bonus features of many kinds. The game has several winning combos. And with these triggered combinations and bonuses, a player can expect a win of 4860x times more than the wager placed.

Along with so many worthy elements, Ever After has symbols which best fit the description of this game. This category is housed by high-valued symbols which are the female lead; the male lead of Ever After; the mouse and; the owl.
A very important symbol in this game is a heart-shaped pink-colored potion. This symbol acts as the wild symbol of Ever After. The lower-valued symbols are joined by playing cards in colors blue, green, red and purple. These do not have a high payout instead they act as supportive symbols.


Ever After Bonus

Ever After has a few good bonuses that will help the players attain good wins. While we were testing the game out we were able to get a few bonuses.

  • Mirror Magnificent: Ever After has a newly introduced feature called ‘The Mirror Magnificent’. This feature is randomly activated and it appears at the time when the first reel turns into gold. Upon activation, the fairy of this game called Faye pops us and enchants up to 3 symbols present on the first set of reel. Accordingly, the spins containing the enchanted symbols act up. The following will happen:
  • Wild: The wild will turn into super-charged wild scatter which will expand in the entire reel.
  • Scatter: Even the presence of 2 scatters will trigger the feature of free spins.
  • Premiums: Premiums present in the reel will get converted in wilds.
  • Low-value symbols: The low-valued symbols present in the ambit of the first reel get an upgrade to a premium symbol.
  • Wild Symbol: The wild symbol in this game is represented by a heart-shaped potion. To trigger this feature the symbol needs to be landed in pairs of 3, 4 or 5 anywhere on the reel. The Wild symbol acts as a substitute and can substitute all but scatters present on the reel. Other variants of the wild feature are Wild Knight, Wild Queen, Wild Wizard, and Wild Bard. The Wild can also be activated at the time of Mirror Magnificent.
  • Bonus Symbols: The Bonus symbol is an added bonus feature of this game. The Bonus symbol gets activated in the game when the player manages to attain 2 or more bonus symbol on the reel. Upon activation of the bonus feature, the player will be looking at a chunky payout 100x more than his wager.
  • Free Games Feature: Ever After also has a free game feature where the player can get a really good win. Here, the player may get a chance of winning 30 free spins. In case the symbols are enchanted, the number of free games will multiply by 2. This feature has a lot of potential and is definitely worth a try.



Ever After is a very good slot created by NextGen gaming. Its variance, highest win, and RTP all represent how productive this game could be. So players who are looking for an easy-going slot which can deliver some money, then Ever After is the game for them.