Emoji Planet

With an undeniably outstanding concept, Emoji Planet is a slot game catering to the interests of numerous online casino players. Not failing to amaze the players with a different concept, NetEnt introduced Emoji Planet to the world of casino gaming.

Today, almost all of us are addicted to the use of emojis. It has become a very common and accurate medium of expressing our feelings and expressions. May it be Facebook, or Instagram or any other social media website, use of emojis has become extremely common.

As the name of the game suggests, the game obviously has a theme of emojis and thus its symbols are represented by the various emoticons you use in your day to day life. It is highly compatible with the devices for ease of play and offers a 5 reel gaming screen to the players.


Emoji Planet Symbols

The obvious fact is that the symbols of the game are the emojis of course. These symbols are grouped into two different sections. The first group of emojis represents the high paying symbols whereas the second one is with the low payouts. The symbols with the poop, an alien, and the face which has tears of joy are the highest paying ones. Hearts, Pizzas, Lips, Rocket, and Bombs, on the other hand, are the low payout symbols. The wild symbol is a Star Wild which appears randomly and can act as a substitute for any other symbol.

Also, the slot game has 5 different emoji meters associated with the low paying emojis which are the two hearts, the rocket, the bomb, kiss, and the pizza. Every time you destroy one such emoji, the meter for that particular symbol adds one portion to it. As soon as the meter space fills up to the maximum, a bonus for the same gets triggered.


Emoji Planet Bonus

The slot game offers multiple chances to win the slots. Following are the Bonus features offered by the game for the players to enhance their winnings:

  • Wilds: No slot game is complete without an attractive wild feature. The Wild star of the Emojis Planet has the potential to substitute any symbol that is on the reels. The game does not offer the scatter symbol and hence the wild replaces each and every symbol to make the maximum possible winning combinations that are possible in the spin. The highest clusters are paid by the wild symbol only as per the paytable.
  • Avalanche: As the word suggests, the feature triggers the avalanche of symbols which refers to the cascading effect of the reels. What makes it better is the happening of a cluster. As soon as a winning cluster combination hits, the emojis burst and vanish. This makes way for another avalanche to happen. Similarly, it will continue to occur until there are no possible winning combinations left.
  • Emoji Meters: As mentioned above, each low paying emoji has a meter that keeps filling up. Once it has filled up to 12 places, the meter is full and the bonus gets triggered.

The different features and their functioning is as follows:

  • Bomb: As soon as the bomb meter fills up, 8 symbols randomly from anywhere on the wheels get destroyed. For every single symbol that is destroyed, a win between 5x to 100x is awarded to the player on a random basis. The wild symbol is the only exception which cannot burst in this feature.
  • Pizza: Wild is an exception again here. An overlay of 3x3 random emojis comes up on the reels resulting in major payouts.
  • Lips: This feature adds three wild symbols on the set of reels. Every single wild has gives you 3 separate wins. Thus, you get a total of 9 wins.
  • Rocket: Either on a particular reel with a winning combination or on top of it, 10 wild symbols stack up forming the avalanche. New wilds at up until no winning combinations remain.
  • Two Hearts: If no winning combinations or any other emoji bonus feature is active, the two hearts feature gets triggered. The total wins in this feature are equal to one plus the exact number of times the meter got full.


Emoji Planet Slot

The game definitely has the theme that would attract players more than anyone. The payouts, bonuses, and winnings given by the game are also decent and entertaining. The game is simple to play and understand. If you are a regular gamer, this game is a must play on your list if you haven’t yet.